Have you experienced a very eerie feeling in your life—that unsettling sensation where the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and a chill runs down your spine? It’s the kind of feeling you might get when you hear a strange noise in the middle of the night or when you’re walking alone and feel like someone is watching you.

Here are some of the most spine-tingling, bone-chilling experiences people have shared. Whether it’s the result of a paranormal encounter, a psychological reaction, or something entirely else, one thing is for sure—these stories are guaranteed to give you goosebumps!

1. Hearing a Loud Bang While You’re Alone

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Somebody shared, “Alone in a house I suspected of being haunted. Roommate was out of town. In my room door closed time for bed. Loud bang on my door as if someone threw a wire clothes hanger like a tomahawk full force. No sound of hitting floor just the first impact on door. I didn’t move a muscle just stayed quiet for a few hours paralyzed with fear.”

2. Doors Shaking for No Reason

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“When my grandma passed, our parents were all at the hospital, and me and the cousins were in the basement gaming. The dogs started freaking out, and we went upstairs, and all the doors were shaking. We went in the rooms, and no windows were open. 5 mins later, we got the call that our grandma had passed,” said one.

“Maybe they could smell it. Dogs tends to freak out when they can no longer smell their owners scent in the room,” replied another.

3. Feeling Touch in a Dream

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One person stated, “Feeling the sensation of touch in my dream. Never experienced that before. What was going on felt so real. It was more of a dejavu type dream, so it’s bound to happen later in on my life.”

Another person replied with similar experience, “I feel ya. I had this once. Vivid as and I still remember it to this day. Haven’t had the same sensation since. But yeah, who would have thought of feeling physical touch in a dream?”

4. Working the Night Shift in the Hospital

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Somebody commented. “Night shift in a hospital. Esp walking the corridors. Or going to the morgue.”

The second person added in agreement, “Ohhh yes, I work the night shift in the hospital. It’s eerie how quiet it is.”

5. Legs Buckling Under You

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“I had to take prescription cough syrup during COVID, and the side effect from it was lightheadedness. I’m all alone in my apartment. I get up, use the restroom, and my legs buckle beneath me. I try to stand up, and it happens again. A cold sweat washes over me. It’s warm inside my apartment, and I’m shivering,” stated one user.

6. Sudden Eerie Feeling

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“One time I left my house to go to work. As soon as I stepped outside I had a massive panic attack. I ran to my car like a murderer was chasing me with no idea what I was even running from. I didn’t notice until I got to my car that there was really intense cloud to cloud lighting. I was unaware there was a storm because there were no booms, but the whole ride to work one part of the sky was always lit up with lightning (I was going to an overnight shift so it’s the only reason there was light in the sky). I love lighting and will usually chase storms unphased, but I still had major anxiety all the way to work because everything just felt off. My phone started blaring a tornado warning when I was halfway to work.

“Where I live, tornadoes used to be very uncommon. There was one in 1998 before my family moved here, and then didn’t have one again until 2017, which was this tornado and my first experience with one. When the storm passed, I remembered hearing ‘an eerie feeling’ listed as a sign a tornado may spawn. I was surprised at just how strong that feeling was. We have since had eight more tornadoes, which I think is crazy. It’s supposed to be rare here,” somebody shared.

7. A Crying Baby

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“The school I went to at 15 years old was the sort of school where you live there. It used to be a old hotel of some sort. Very isolated area. Anyway, some nights you could hear what sounded like baby cries on the hallways. It freaked everyone out. Was so creepy.  So one night I was alone since my roomie was home sick at his parents. I heard it close to my window and freaked out … ,” one user said.

Have you experienced the same eerie feeling before? Let us know in the comments.

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