Have you ever watched a popular TV show and, although it was great, you just couldn’t stand the main character? For some people, some main characters seem like an unfit piece of a beautiful jigsaw puzzle—and it tends to ruin the overall quality of the TV show. Today, we’ll look at the 17 most unlikable TV show’s main characters. Let us know in the comments if you agree!

1. Dr. Phil McGraw

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The psychologist and television personality Dr. Phil McGraw is the host of the “Dr. Phil” show, an American daytime talk show. The show first premiered on September 16, 2002, and has been in syndication ever since. 

One person compared Dr. Phil to Dr. Oz, “I think Dr. Phil has done more harm though. Seems like Oz is mostly hawking bogus supplements, and that is a scam, sure. But Dr. Phil has deep involvement in the ‘troubled teen’ industry. This man is directly responsible for sending children to wilderness torture prisons where adults dole out physical and mental abuse that would be illegal under the Geneva Convention. And who knows how many more parents were inspired by his show to send their child to somewhere similar.”

Another person replied, “I mean Dr. Phil is funny. He does make me laugh, but he’s definitely a self-righteous narcissist.”

2. Dr. Smith From Lost in Space

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Jonathan Harris is an actor who portrayed Dr. Zachary Smith in the original 1965 Lost in Space television series.

One Redditor stated, “I thought Dr. Smith was the most entertaining part of that show, but man, he was a terrible person. Just hilariously awful.”

Another commenter added, “If you’re talking about the 1965-68 TV show, yeah, he totally creeped me out. I was ages 7 to 11 in those years and really didn’t get Dr. Smith at all, but he sure made my skin crawl—when he wasn’t making me scoff/snort out loud at his pretentiousness. I haven’t seen it since then so my memories are a little rusty, but that’s what stayed with me.”

One user replied, “Loathesome character but the actor was a great guy. His villainy is what made the show, though.”

3. Caillou

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Caillou is a story of a four-year-old child who can’t grow hair. He is curious and eager to learn about the world. Caillou also has invisible friends that help him cheer up. However, some people just couldn’t stand him because they found the main character needy and attention-seeking.

One person said, “He can’t grow hair, not because he has cancer or progeria, but because [he’s terrible], and even his own body recognizes that he does not deserve hair or food or love.”

Another user replied, “My toddler brother used to refer to him as ‘that weird bald kid.’”

4. Eddy, From Ed, Edd N Eddy

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Ed, Edd n Eddy is a Canadian-American animated television series that premiered on Cartoon Network in January 1999. The show was created by Danny Antonucci and produced by a Canadian animation studio called Cartoon.

“Yeah but the series ending puts his personality into perspective and you feel bad for him. He’s a little bit of a tragic character with a redemption arc,” one person stated.

“I remember when he abandoned Edd with Kanker sister’s to get a jaw breaker. Only Ed went back to help Edd,” one commenter replied.

5. The Characters From Succession

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Succession is an American comedy-drama television series that premiered on HBO in June 2018. The show was created by Jesse Armstrong and executive produced by Adam McKay, Will Ferrell, and others.

One person stated, “I think this is the definition of fantastic writing and acting (basically a fantastic show), characters you wouldn’t want to go near in real life, but just looove or are enthralled by on the screen. Every character in succession is trash, but you’ve empathized and sometimes sympathized with all of them (maybe only briefly) at one time or another.”

Another commenter replied, “I’m binge-watching it now and just had this conversation with my husband. The entitlement and how they treat people pi**es me off so much! The actors do an amazing job making you hate them!”

6. Frank and Debbie From Shameless

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“D**n near everyone on Shameless, but Frank or Debbie fight for the top spot,” one commenter stated.

“Debbie’s transition from ‘sweet little girl’ to the absolute worst was phenomenal,” another person replied.

“Agreed. I think I’d put Debbie in the top spot, though, personally. As she aged, she became so unbearable. All she did was scream at everyone like she was out to get the world,” another user said.

7. Lena Dunham as Hannah Horvath From Girls

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One Redditor said, “​​I think they were saying Lena Dunham is ‘obviously the worst’ because she lied about being [taken advantage of], for a very long time, ruined a man’s life, and as a result became a celebrity.”

One user replied, “Yeah, like if you come away from Girls feeling discomfort towards the characters, that’s the show working as intended. If there’s one thing I think Girls does well, it’s lean heavily on the authenticity of the broken relationship the characters have with each other and basically showcase the breakdown of a social group over multiple seasons.”

Another added, “Folks would always tell me, ‘you should watch Girls, it’s so good!’ I watched maybe three episodes and hated every minute of it. Every character was awful.”

8. Piper Chapman From Orange Is the New Black

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Piper Chapman is the main character in the popular Netflix series Orange Is the New Black. She is a well-educated, middle-class woman from Connecticut who is sentenced to serve time in a federal women’s prison for her involvement in a drug trafficking operation.

One user said, “I hated Piper in Orange Is The New Black.”

Another commenter replied, “I wanted to name my dog Piper, but after watching the show, that name was forever ruined for me.”

Another Redditor added, “She’s privileged and whiny pretty much.”

9. Elizabeth Keen From the Blacklist

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“Elizabeth Keen. I have only watched half of [The] Blacklist, but there are many things I don’t like about her. Majority of the time, she chooses the wrong choice of what she needs to do. It’s almost comically funny how slow and dumb her decisions are,” one commenter stated.

“And her whole love story with Tom is just unbelievably cringey. Like, you keep the guy literally chained, and then you’re still in love and all? Honestly, even Reddington feels far less messed up than her,” another person replied.

“I put that show on to lull me to sleep. Did I miss anything? Magic 8 ball says unlikely. That show wasted great actors on a ludicrous concept. Some of the cast members are good, but the Ex Mac writing is cheap,” another added.

10. Nancy Botwin From Weeds

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One person said, “Horrible mother and clearly unstable. By the end of the show, I loathed her and hoped that she would fail. Poor Andy.”

Another Redditor replied, “This is what I came here to say. I had sympathy for her through S3, but once she left the burbs, the show took a terrible turn. I lost all sympathy for her when she chose to put herself and her family back in danger because she was bored. She was making good money, so you can’t even argue that she was acting out of desperation, she just wanted to be a drug dealer again… for fun.”

Another user added, “She failed Andy and all her kids. I was so happy she finally went to jail, only to be back in the drug business in the first episode of the next season. Ridiculous.”

11. Susan Mayer in the Desperate Housewives

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One person said, “Technically an ensemble, but she’s framed as the main housewife in early seasons. She never grows up or takes responsibility for the constant drama she starts and is so incompetent as an adult that her teen daughter has to take care of her. Poor Julie.”

Another person replied, “Not to mention, Teri Hatcher was universally loathed by the cast and crew of the show. Nobody liked her on set.”

12. Emily From Emily in Paris

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“Watched first episode of the first season, and NOPE. Can’t believe there’s going to be a third season,” One Redditor commented.

“My wife and I were discussing this last night, and I came to this thread to say this… We just finished season 2 and as it ended, I looked over at my wife and said, ‘They are all kind of bad.’ I’ll probably watch the third season because I need some hot garbage to keep me warm during those long winter days,” one person replied.

Another commenter said, “If I have to watch another show where it’s supposed to be considered charming for an American to butcher the c- out of a foreign language… who decided that was cute? It’s just embarrassing! It’s almost like Emily was trying to be bad at French.”

13. Elena Gilbert From the Vampire Diaries

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One person said, “She’s even worse in the books. I really, really did not like DVD books.”

Another user replied, “Came here to say this. I watched that show for way too long; not a single other character in that show makes bad decisions not only for herself but for other people as consistently as she does.”

Another user commented, “I hated how everyone was always protecting her, sacrificing themselves for her… but what does Elena do? Whine, put her self in dangerous situations and just make it harder for everyone else. Also she was a complete [jerk] for entire Steffen/ Damon thing.”

14. Sheldon Cooper From the Big Bang Theory

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“Went from a clueless, socially awkward side character in the first couple of years to a self-centered, narcissistic bully. I don’t know why they ever hung out with him,” one user stated.

“I think Amy told Sheldon in one episode that they all only tolerate him because they think he genuinely doesn’t mean to be awful,” another commenter replied. 

“Especially if his friends very directly tell him he was rude, or mean, or selfish and he still doesn’t care. A clueless person will still feel bad if someone points out they hurt their friends if they’re a good person. Sheldon usually doesn’t care that he’s a jerk to his friends,” one Redditor added.

15. Dawson From Dawson’s Creek

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One person stated, “Yes! The amount of times I’ve yelled, ‘THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU!’ at my screen while watching his scenes over the years is stunning. Pacey and Jack were both x10000 better male characters than he was.”

Another user replied, “Agreed—Dawson was easily the worst character on his own show. There’s a reason everybody fell for Pacey Witter. There is no substitute for Joshua Jackson.”

16. Dora in Dora the Explorer

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One person said, “Dora, she was so annoying, even for a 6-year-old.”

One commenter added, “She was so mean to poor Swiper. She got so rich off that show she could’ve thrown the poor fox a bone.”

Another user replied, “I always got upset when she’d ask where something was when it’s literally right behind her. They could’ve at least had the camera pan for a bit until the thing she was looking for was in frame.”

Source: Reddit.


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