After a long, tiring day at work or school, getting home and finally taking off your shoes is one of the best feelings. Odds are you have your own exact routine that begins the moment you get in the door—checking your phone, making dinner, or just collapsing on the couch! In this post, we’ve asked Redditors to chime off about what they do to relax when they first get home.

1. Let the Dogs Out

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One Redditor shared, “Take [c-] out of my pockets, change, and take the dog out.”

Another sarcastically replied, “Why do you keep [c-] in your pockets?”

“Also, please let the dog live. It’s innocent,” another added.

One user responded, “The dog [c-ed] in his pockets, so now they are obligated to take it out.” 

2. Take Off Your Shoes

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One shared, “Take off my shoes and my bra.”

Another added, “I put on my wizard hat and robe.”

One user confirmed the experience, “Omg, taking off a pushup bra after a long day of work is a top 10 feeling right there.”

3. Cuddle the Cat

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One Redditor shared, “Kiss my cat who meets me at the door.”

Another replied, “I will also kiss this guy’s cat.”

Another added, “This guy’s cats.”

One sharer posted, “Our cat.”

Another commented, “​​Yea, same here.”

4. Feed the Cats

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One Redditor posted, “Pet my cats and feed them.”

Another replied, “I hear that. I was a dog person for years and loved their big sloppy ways: my hubby, a cat guy. Now we own four cats and no dogs, and I see how people get so wrapped up in their cats. Each one has its own personality, and I get SUCH a kick out of them. Could, and do, watch them for hours.”

Another user shared, “Diary of a cat vs. a dog. I think this is funny.”

5. Put the Keys… Somewhere

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One user posted, “Put my keys somewhere I won’t remember them.”

Another added. “Well, WhErE iS tHe LaSt pLaCe yOu HaD tHeM?”

One added, “ADHD person here. Get a key hook to hang them from. Don’t put it right by the door. Put it in the kitchen or the bedroom where you’re more likely to put them down if you don’t have a key hook.” 

Another user commented, “At least you’re consistently putting them in the place you don’t remember, so they’re easy to find the next day. Imagine if you were putting your keys where you would remember them sometimes, and where you wouldn’t sometimes, and other times putting them where you might remember them… that could get bad fast.”

6. Get Cozy

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One Reddit user posted, “Change into comfy clothes, pour a cup of coffee.”

Another asked, “How come coffee is ready before you come home?”

The OG answered, “Wife is home still drinking it, so the pot is either freshly brewed or still half full from her last batch.”

One user added, “If I don’t have a cup when I get home, I will tap out in my recliner almost as soon as I sit down, then I won’t be able to sleep that night. Seems counterintuitive, I know, but a cup of Coffee at 5:30 pm ensures a good night’s sleep for me.”

7. Hug and Kiss Your Wife

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Another user commented, “Hug and kiss the wife. Every day I come home, she tries to be there waiting for me. I can feel the stress of the day wash away the moment I see her, and it’s my favorite part of my day.”

One responded, “That’s so cute.”

Another user also asked, “Pre or post-kids? This sounds like my life before kids.”

One also commented, “Right? So now, with kids, I walk in the door. Before I can set my keys down, the stark terror and fatigue mixed with relief are clearly written on her face as child #1 is shouting angrily at child #2 over who made the better paper airplane and why it’s cheating to throw it LIKE THAT, and #3 is standing in only his underwear and rain boots on the kitchen counter shouting at the top of his lungs about the ‘value of bottom cream’ in a (very poor) British accent. It’s some variation of this Every. Single. Day.

“It’s 100% immediately deescalate, separate, quarantine, and make dinner mode for a solid hour after I walk in the door.”

8. Go to the Gym

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Another user shared, “I work from home. But right when I log out of work, I get dressed to leave for the gym.”

Another added, “I also work from home, so I just get out of my little office, pour myself a whiskey, and thank God I didn’t swear enough at someone to get called to HR… Again.”

One exclaimed, “This is why mics should be auto-mute in meetings—so you can swear reflexively and not be heard!”

9. Relax

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One user shared, “Attend a c*nnabis seminar.”

“I call those safety meetings,” one commenter added. 

Another jokingly answered, “Joint task force.” 

10. Turn on the PC

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An online gamer posted, “Change into home clothes and turn on my PC and launch blue stacks.”

“Now there’s a name I haven’t heard in a while,” one replied.

Another added, “It Was all fun and games until we wanted to uninstall that demon spawn.”

Source: Reddit.

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