Do you have any friends that pushed the boundaries of friendship too far? Do you ever look back and think, did they just do that?! We all have had moments when our friends do things so outrageous or inappropriate we feel like cutting them out of our lives. From failing to pay their debts to ruining your favorite shirt, here are 20 unbelievable stories shared by people who stopped talking to their old friends after their antics simply went too far. Keep reading to find out which misguided behavior is simply unforgivable!

1. Asking You to Cheat

Cheating in a relationship
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One user posted, “Back in high school, I had a friend with a very s- boyfriend and one time she was planning to go on some trip with her family over March break, and she asked me if I would have s- with her … boyfriend while she was away because, and I quote, “He’s a guy, they need to have s-, and if I’m not here I’d rather he do it with someone I trust than cheat on me in secret.”

One user reacted and commented, “[Dang]. That’s a down a–hole.”

2. Anti-semitism

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One user had enough and stated, “He started ranting about how Jewish people in Hollywood were using magic to mind control people. He wasn’t a close friend, but still, I never would have guessed he was that crazy.”

One user added, “Imagine he finds out Daniel Radcliffe is Jewish, lol.”

3. Gossiping About Others

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“Not really that crazy, but I went to a Snoop concert with this girl I’ve known since grade school (we’ve only hung out a few times, and I shop at her small business frequently). The whole time, she was making snide comments about other people: what they were wearing, how they were presenting themselves, and how she thought they were acting toward her. It was so uncomfortable, and I felt ashamed to be associated. Sometimes I forget that the ‘mean girl’ thing doesn’t end in high school,” one Redditor shared.

4. Picking Sides in a Fight

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One Redditor added to the comments and stated, “Her siding with someone who clearly wronged me and ostracized me from our whole friend group when she knew that I was at my lowest during that time.”

5. Mocking Disabled People

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One user shared, “Mock my other friend’s disability.”

6. Getting Into MLMs

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Another Redditor shared, “He got into Amway, and it became like a religion for him. Like he would cry with joy at their conventions.”

One commented, “Adjacent to this, people who made Trump/Qanon/conspiracies their entire personality. Miss me with that cringefest.”

7. Car-Surfing

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“The dude rode surf style on top of a moving car. He Fell and cracked his skull, killing him three days later at the hospital. I explicitly told him not to and even begged him,” one Redditor posted.

One user commented, “You did what you could, good on you.”

8. Being Racist

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One user posted, “Be racist to a cab driver when drunk and then the next day they said it was another friend (it wasn’t).” 

9. Lying About You

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One Redditor posted, “She was a family friend, and she got married in my hometown. She told my family members that I’d sabotaged her by letting her wear an ugly dress and not telling her about the good makeup artists and salons in town. I’d never gone to one, but I’d given her suggestions. We were super good friends up to this point, and I was surprised she was telling people this. And she didn’t even tell me about the dress, so she responded that I should’ve asked to see it.”

10. Talking Behind People’s Backs

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“My SIL was always toxic … , a drinker who talked s- about people behind their backs to me for 30 years … and I was dumb enough to think she wasn’t doing it to me too,” posted one user. 

11. Driving High

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One Redditor posted, “One time we were all hanging out, smoking and chilling. High school times. This kid who was the ‘bigger guy’ in the group was wanting to go get some specific fast food that was across town. We all wanted to stay there. We had the task of holding the couch down, making sure it didn’t go anywhere. We told him that it was busy, and we just smoked a bunch, so he should just go across the street to Steak N Shake, but he said no. And we didn’t want to argue with a fat man about food.

“He didn’t wanna go alone and kept asking, and we were all adamant about our positions as couch weights. He ends up leaving to get his food of choice. Well, it turns out he never got that food; he ended up smashing into a girl who was a few years older than us and actually killing her (I don’t know her name, but rest your beautiful soul). This wasn’t more than two minutes from where we were, and he had left. We didn’t find out about it until later; it wasn’t like we heard it. The craziest part, his dad was a cop, and nothing happened. We never talked to him again … But I heard he got beat up pretty bad a few weeks later …”

12. Telling the Class About Your Crush

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“Kinda lame, but they made my whole grade know who I had a crush on last year. I don’t even know why people started annoying me after he told the whole grade; I was literally a nobody until that point,” one user shared. 

13. Believing Fake News

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One Redditor shared, “She finally let me in on all the ‘research’ she’d been doing into politics. The reason she was voting for Trump, for instance, was because she’d seen a screen capture of NBC News broadcasting the election results the day before the election, with Hillary Clinton as the winner. I couldn’t convince her it was fake. I realized it would be this from then on, so I had to stop talking to her.”

14. Hanging Up on You

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Another user shared, “Hung up the phone.”

One user confirmed and added, “Yeah, a friend once did that to me. I told her if she ever did that again, I was done. She did, and I was.”

15. Not Liking You Because You Changed

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Another user stated, “Saying they don’t wanna be friends with me anymore after six years of friendship because I’m not as gentle and shy anymore as I was in 8-9 grade (I was severely depressed).

“They said it to my bf behind my back and never said anything wrong to me directly, being a huge hypocrite, so I decided that this part of my life must end.”

16. Being Racist

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One user shared online, “This had started about two years [or] so before COVID.

“I used to hang out socially with the younger members of a local support group. She didn’t drive, and she had the uncanny skill to get rides to these gatherings without actually asking for a ride. I and others would drive her to the social group; I would drop her off at her house after. Sometimes, she would mention needed groceries so that we could go on the way home. She would say thank you but never offered gas money. Would ask if I was driving to the road rules (she doesn’t drive and never has and doesn’t know the road rules.)

“First, she took exception to a new Member of Parliament making a speech in both English and Chinese. She said they should be shot for treason for simply speaking Chinese in Parliament. Not long after, there was a mass shooting at a mosque. They were murdered because they were Muslim. She reposted someone else’s long hate-filled post, saying they deserved it. Both positions were in the Book of Faces. Both were reported, then thankfully removed by FB. After that, there were no more rides. I grey rock her if she is at any gatherings. I volunteer with the organisation, so unfortunately, I can’t tell her she is a racist a hole. But if she starts to say anything in a group, she gets called out for it. She doesn’t like that because she feels we aren’t listening to her opinion.

“I hate racism and will do my best to call it out if I see it.”

17. Being Jealous of Other Friends

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“I have been in a group of 5 since childhood. My best friend started avoiding me after we met the other 3. They used to sit in pairs, and I used to sit alone. I tried making other friends, but my best friend always complained about it to my mother, and then eventually, mom told me not to talk to other girls. That was long ago when I was in school. I tried to fight for myself, but her mother also used to scold me for fighting with her.

“After growing up, when we started to go to college together, she suddenly started talking to me so much, and so I accepted that because I am very forgiving. She always used my generosity against me. And I regretted everything that I did for her, but still, I didn’t mention any of it to her. And, in the end, when I chose to be close with other girls along with her, she refused to stay with me and parted her ways. So, just because I made new friends, she stopped talking to me. I tried to contact her afterwards, but she didn’t show any interest. From my side, I tried my best to maintain the friendship. And so, I’m not guilty of leaving her side.

One of her attitudes seemed the most interesting to me. When we were in our first year, she used to call me and tell me not to talk to a friend of ours and used to complain a lot about her. Later, when she found out that her seat for the final exam was with that girl, her attitude changed! I saw her talking to that girl like she was her best friend two days ago. That seemed pretty selfish to me.

I don’t talk to the group anymore. I don’t like betrayals. I am a very honest person, and I hate breaking the rules. But since childhood, I’ve seen them get jealous over my success and be happy whenever I used to get a bad grade. It’s obvious that I have got no good friends in my life. And I’m not excited about it. But still, I learned to stay alone. So, that’s what I am doing now. Being alone and leading life peacefully,” one Redditor commented. 

18. Being a Con Artist

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One user shared, “I had this one friend who, out of nowhere, always had big stacks of cash. One day, I asked him how he was making all this money. He said, “Oh, I’m catfishing p-philes online and then blackmailing them.”

I thought, ‘Yeah, I can’t be friends with this guy anymore.’ He is a serial con artist now.”

19. Going Behind Your Back

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“Lol, this was a fun one—backstory: unexpected pregnancy. Ex and I broke up. Mutually agreed that if he didn’t want to be involved with our kid, he could just walk away so long as he never looked for us, and I’d never seek support from him. He went and didn’t look back.

“[My friend] decided that didn’t work for her and decided to track him down and start harassing him about walking away. Tracking down other people he was seeing and giving them my information for me to tell them about him and telling them about the kid we had. She called me all proud of herself for going behind my back and trying to start [things] that didn’t need to happen. She was dumbfounded that I wasn’t happy about it and blocked her for it,” one Redditor posted.

20. Assaulting People

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An online user shared his story and posted, “My ex-roommate had an awful on and off again relationship with his girlfriend, she’s a single mother of three, and he’s a misogynistic stoner, she would cheat on him constantly, and then he’d get drunk about it, break it off and then go crawling back to her. This pattern repeated several times until one morning when she woke up and was watching TV in the living room. She said that he had initiated s- when she didn’t want it (which is [assault]).

“I had to go to work that day, so I left feeling really uncomfortable; I hung out with him later to hear his side of the story; we went out to get drinks, and on the drive back, the more he talked about it, the more evident it was that he did [take advantage] her but simply didn’t consider it [that] because they were dating. I got really mad and yelled, ‘Really because it sounds like you f- [assaulted] her!’ He pulled over on the side of the highway and physically threw me out of his car; I managed to do a sliding roll onto the grass on the side of the road, so it didn’t hurt.

“I had to walk like 5 miles home. I immediately started packing all my s- while he awkwardly shuffled around the room. He had the gall to say, ‘You know I’m not making you leave, right?’ All I said to him was, ‘I am well aware,’ I bounced and never looked back. Jacob, if you ever manage to read this, f- you. Sadly, they’re both still dating, and we have a lot of mutual acquaintances and work friends. And because they’re good at hiding how abusive they are to one another, I’m fairly certain they’ve bad-mouthed me to all of them; I had to move cities, and I work in film, so the community of people we know is very small, thankfully with the strike going on I haven’t run into either of them in a professional capacity. Still, it’s infuriating to think that a whole lot of people in my small professional network are probably being spoon-fed garbage about how our friendship dissolved.”

What do you think of the stories stated above?

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Source: Reddit.

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