10 Celebrities Who Are Actors and Musicians and the Best at Both

Several celebrities are both in the acting business and music industries. So which celebrity is both an actor and a musician best at BOTH? After polling the internet, these are the top-voted responses.

1. Cher

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“I remember when Cher started appearing in movies – people laughed at her. They thought of her as a silly pop star with a TV show. She proved them wrong over and over again,” someone confessed. Another joked, “I can’t “Believe” I had to scroll this down to find the Queen. “If I Could Turn Back Time,” I’d be the first commenter with her name.”

2. Tom Waits

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“Tom Waits. He’s an A-lister. Cast by the Coen Brothers. Stars alongside Johnny Depp, Heath Ledger, Jude Law, Colin Farrell, etc. Music has won several awards and appeared in films like Fight Club.” Another added, “He’s a great showman and poet, too, and always has been. Costumes, props, ambiance.”

3. Hugh Jackman

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Someone stated, “Hugh Jackman. Yes! Wolverine is underrated as a singer.” Others argued, “I wouldn’t say he’s underrated. He’s won awards for musical theatre. He was nominated for an Oscar in Les Misérables. Aside from Les Mis, he had the lead in Greatest Showman.” Finally, a fan said, “I loved him in Music Man.”

4. David Bowie

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“David Bowie is the first person that comes to mind–great musician and great at acting,” one volunteered. “I love how he played Nikola Tesla in a Christopher Nolan movie.” “Usually, people think of Labyrinth for Bowie, but I thought he was fantastic in Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence, though it’s a very different sort of film,” another suggested. 

5. Barbra Streisand

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One person volunteered, “Barbra Streisand. She won two Oscars, a Tony, five Emmies, nine Grammies, and nine Golden Globes. She should be higher on this list!” “Here you go! She’s a director as well,” another added.

6. Hugh Laurie

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“Hugh Laurie. All the piano stuff on House was 100% him. Some of it was pre-recorded by Hugh Laurie, but some he played live while they filmed,” one person shared. 

7. Dolly Parton

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“Dolly Parton. I’d love to see her in another movie. National treasure via doing what she wanted to do,” replied another. “I worshiped her Cameo on The Orville, her performances in 9 to 5, and Steel Magnolias.”

8. Steve Martin

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Someone shared, “Steve Martin has a Grammy for his banjo playing.” A second added, “I’ve seen Steve Martin in concert – just for his banjo skills. He is one of the best clawhammer players on the planet and writes some great original music.”

9. Childish Gambino

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“Childish Gambino, aka Donald Glover. He’s also good at standup,” someone confessed. A second stated, “Right? He was asked what field he wanted to pursue, and he was: Actor, writer, director, producer, singer, and comedian. He does them all, and he does them well.”

10. Jack Black

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“Jack Black, his roles, and his band are both annoying to some people, but he’s still excellent at both,” someone concluded. “I’ve never seen anyone cover Led Zeppelin as he does. He transcends making a joke of it back to genuine performance.”

Source: Reddit.

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