Everyone has different experiences of things like childhood, school, coming of age, flying the coop. And even so, we can all agree that some experiences have become the norm because everyone is doing them. But sometimes, you just miss out on certain normal things for one reason or another, and we’re exploring those things in our post today!

Here are 18 things that everybody has done except these people:

1. Trick or Treated

Trick or treat
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One person said, “Gone trick-or-treating as a child. It was forbidden by my church so my parents would shut out all of our lights, and my brother and I would sit up in his room and watch all the other kids out walking around in their costumes. I have my own kids now and we trick-or-treat, carve pumpkins, give out candy… the whole nine yards.”

Another person replied, “We didn’t get it, either. And I quote, ‘fat kids don’t get candy’. My sister and I were both heavier-set children. I’ve always wanted to go, not for the candy, I just wanted to dress up.”

2. Whistled

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“I cannot whistle no matter how hard I try,” said one.

“I can’t snap my fingers,” replied another.

Then the third added, “I can’t whistle, roll my R’s, or snap my fingers.”

3. Broken a Bone

Woman with broken leg
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One user shared, “Prob break a bone. It at least seems common since I’ve seen tons of people with broken bones in school (Brace, cast, crutch, etc.).”

The second person replied, “I never broke a bone ‘til I was 41. I tripped, caught myself, and broke my elbow.”

4. Moved Away From Home

Moving out
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Somebody stated, “Move out of childhood home.”

Another person replied, “LOL—I moved out at 19. My mom passed, I inherited the house and was going to sell it. Ending up moving back in about 5 years ago. Still finding all sorts of stuff that she thought would be worth money someday.”

5. Had a Nosebleed

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One user stated, “Had a nose bleed.”

Another person replied, “I’ve never had one either and I have been punched in the nose a few times and nothing.”

6. Rolled R’s

A girl covering her mouth
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“Rolled my r’s,” shared one.

“Dude my 8mo old daughter learned she could do it a few days ago and hasn’t stopped since, now instead of crying we just get really long rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr cries,” replied another.

Finally, the third added, “I can’t either and it’s embarrassing cause I’m Hispanic and they’re all like nah you suck at your own language.”

7. Gotten Stung by a Bee

Get stung by a bee
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Somebody stated, “Gotten stung by a bee/wasp.”

Another person replied, “Same here, still deathly afraid of them.”

Then another added, “It’s nowhere near as bad as you learn as a kid unless you have an allergy. People grow up learning to fear them from kids, but it’s really super minor by adult standards. The initial sting of a wasp is a surprise, and then it’s just sore like a cross between a sunburn and a really big sore mosquito bite minus the itch.”

8. Skinny Dipped

Skinny dip
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“Skinny dip. And I’m over 60. So disappointed. Never had the opportunity,” said one. 

“There’s still time,” replied another.

“Same, though in my 40s. I do regret it, though more as a symbolic thing. Wish I hadn’t spend my 20s in full introvert mode. Still hoping to get over that regret someday!”

9. Dated

Being in a romantic relationship
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One user commented, “Be in a romantic, s-xual relationship.”

The second person replied, “Same here. Growing up you just never prepare for the idea that you may end up alone, I just turned 36 and it hadn’t gotten any easier to mentally deal with. Best of luck to ya if you’re searching for it still, genuinely.”

Finally, the third added, “Ever had someone love and care about you? Me neither, pass the bottle.”

10. Gone to Prom

Going to prom
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“Been to prom,” said one.

“Me too. Unlike what Pretty in Pink made me believe, I have no regrets and I literally never think of it,” the second person replied.

“My date left me after 15 minutes of being there. I had never planned to go. Went to make my parents happy. I never had the heart to tell them it was one of the worst nights of my life. Even after 18 years it still hurts to think about. They even had my prom picture with the rest of the family photos until it was replaced by a picture of me and my now wife. F- you Ashley. You should have just said no,” added another.

11. Gotten Drunk

Getting drunk
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One Reddit user shared, “I’ve never been drunk.”

Another one replied, “Agreed. I’m pushing 60, and I don’t think I actually know a single other person who’s never been drunk, so I’m glad to see quite a few like-minded folks on this thread. Personally, I’m not a fan of the taste and don’t see the appeal of losing control for fun. If you pour really lightly, I might have some sort of alcoholic fruity drink, but generally, I’ll just order the virgin so I know I’ll enjoy it.”

12. Gotten on a Plane

Boarding on a plane
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“Got on a plane,” said one.

“Me too. Mid thirties, live in the United States. Just haven’t been able to travel much,” the second person replied.

“Same, I’m 37. I’ve barely been out of my state,” added another.

13. Had Surgery

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One person stated, “I have never had surgery.” Somebody replied, “I was doing pretty well on this until a couple years ago, when I needed surgery to keep my insides from becoming outsides. The surgery was way better than the recovery.”

14. Paid Credit Card Interest

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“Paid a penny of credit card interest,” said one user.

“Same here. I was always taught credit cards are for building credit and for getting a points. Never actually treat them as buying something on credit,” added another.

15. Had a Cavity

Dental care
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“Had a cavity, knock on wood. I’m 44,” one person shared.

“Now that’s truly impressive,” replied somebody.

“Me either, 40. Had to get a wisdom tooth out recently because it was growing sideways though. Literally the only real dental work I’ve had done and the surgeon commented on the fact that I had no dental work like he was amazed lol,” added the third.

16. Been on TikTok

Being on TikTok/Tiktok influencers
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One person shared, “Been on TikTok.”

A second person replied, “Never have and never will.”

A third commenter added, “Never will, either.”

17. Had Kids

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Somebody commented, “Had kids; I’m 46.”

Another person replied, “I’m 49 and no kids either. My parents have finally accepted it’s not going to happen.”

Then somebody added, “Exactly. In this economy? No thanks.”

18. Gone on a Date

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One person stated, “Gone on a date.”

The second person replied, “Same. I’ve been asked out a few times, but I’m just not interested.”

Finally, the third added, “No urge to either lol like I’m cool y’all have fun tho.”

How about you? Which of these things have you not done yet? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Reddit.

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