10 Canceled TV Series People Would Bring Back if They Had The Ability

What show would it be if you could bring back a canceled TV series? I'm all about Good Girls. I'm unsure why it didn't make this list, but I loved that show and wished we got a proper ending. Nonetheless, after polling the internet, here are the series people would bring back immediately if given a chance. 

1. Better Off Ted (2009- 2010)

“The episode where they had to hire White people to follow the Black employees around so the automatic lights would work for them is amazing. A show way ahead of its time,” said one. “I came here to write this. I'm glad someone else did. That show was hilarious and didn't seem to get off the ground,” another agreed.

2. Eureka (2006)

“I loved Eureka, but the ending was so satisfying. I can't risk bringing it back. Ironically, 100% yes, though,” replied one. Another added, “I will say the ending to Eureka was one of the best I've ever seen! I still miss it, though.” Finally, a third said, “The pilot and the finale linking up with the Carters driving past themselves years apart was perfection.”

3. Warehouse 13 (2013)

One person stated, “Yes, so happy to see this one! Warehouse 13 is a show I return to periodically because it makes me so happy.” A second said, “I miss Warehouse 13 so much. It took me years to watch the final episode, so I could pretend it wasn't over yet.”

4. I Am Not Okay With This (2020)

“I would bring back I Am Not Okay With This. That first season held so much promise, and I would've loved to see how dark the writers could've made the story. But a good show getting canceled is Netflix's motive at the moment,” someone suggested.

Another agreed, “Yes, I loved the quirkiness, writing, and acting in that show. It sucks it got canned by Netflix. I wish it continued on Prime or something like The Expanse did.”

5. The Tick (2016- 2019)

“Amazon's version of The Tick was canceled for a stupid reason; the new TV executive took over and wanted to scrap all the shows from the previous TV executive,” someone stated. “Yeah, this was my pick, too,” replied another. “The show was well done and captured the humor from the original cartoons and comics. However, I wish another service would have picked it up.”

6. Eerie, Indiana (1991- 1992)

Eerie, Indiana. The first season was standalone episodes, but season two had a whole story building about Dash X and why so many weird things happened in the town before they canceled it,” one answered. “I loved that show and showed it to my wife for the first time on prime back in October. It is a great middle-ground between Goosebumps and Are You Afraid of the Dark nostalgia-wise.”

7. New Amsterdam (2008)

“Funnily enough, my pick would be New Amsterdam. It was a 2008 show starring Nikolaj Coster-Waldau with an identical premise to Forever. Unfortunately, the show was completely hard done by the 2007 writers' strike as it was meant to have 13 episodes in the first season, got reduced to eight, and then canceled. But it still sticks in my mind, and I wish it had continued,” confessed one.

8. Forever (2014- 2015)

Another volunteered, “Forever! A bit ironic that they canceled after the first season. There were great actors and great characters.” Finally, a third said, “I loved I so much. But, unfortunately, they did a terrible job by canceling it. At least I can get my fix with Harrow.” 

9. John Doe (2002- 2003)

John Doe sees the world in black and white, except for certain things related to his past or (maybe, it's been a while) involved in solving a crime. And he knows EVERYTHING except for his identity, which is what fascinates me about the show,” replied one.

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10. Awake (2012)

“There was this show called Awake starring Jason Isaacs and Dylan Minette. A guy gets in a car accident and then can't determine which reality is his real one. In one, his wife died in a car crash, and his son lived. In the alternative reality, he goes to bed with his wife and wakes up in the reality where she died, and his son lived. It was a mind blow, and I loved it,” a final person admitted. 

What do you think? Did Reddit get this right, or is your favorite canceled series missing from this list?

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