10 Awesome Comedians Who Aren’t So Awesome in a Serious Role

We all know that comedic actors like Adam Sandler, Steve Carell, and Jim Carrey have killed serious roles drawing attention from critics and audiences alike. But what about the comedic actors who flop badly? Here are ten funny actors that would be better off sticking to comedy.

1. Vince Vaughn

“I didn't love his True Detective performance, though, but can't lay that season's faults all on him,” said one. “I don't know if it was Vaughn, his character, or the show in general, but I couldn't take him seriously,” another agreed. 

2. John Belushi

One suggested, “John Belushi and Continental Divide were terrible.” A second said, “The only movie my parents and I walked out on. I was only 9, but I vividly remember my dad's disappointment at a boring Belushi movie.” Finally, one stated, “I saw that movie in the theatre when I was ten. My friend and I were bored to death.”

3. Eddie Murphy

“Wes Craven wanted to make a horror film and wanted Eddie Murphy to be a more complex character in Vampire in Brooklyn. However, Eddie Murphy felt he still had to make his comedy front and center. Definitely worth the watch. It's enjoyably terrible, but Kadeem Hardison is legit amazing,” another confessed. 

4. Chevy Chase

“I'll never forget when Memoirs of an Invisible Man came out. I just kept waiting for a punchline that never came,” admitted one. “The screenwriter William Goldman writes about this movie in his book Which Lie Did I Tell.”

“He knew it would be a disaster because the studio wanted to make a big-budget comedy like Ghostbusters, and Chevy Chase wanted to make an intimate drama about loneliness,” another informed. 

5. Tiffany Haddish

“Tiffany Haddish! She is so wooden as a dramatic actor. See The Card CounterOn the Count of Three, and Here Today (actually, don't see that last one),” one replied. “Her performance in Card Counter is so bizarre; it's like she's in a completely different movie,” another added. 

6. Chris Rock

“I wasn't a big fan of him in Fargo, to be honest. I kept thinking that's Chris Rock, and it took me out of the show. But, on the other hand, I think his voice is unique, so it's hard to see him as not Chris Rock,” another confessed. 

7. Bill Murray

“While I loved The Razor's Edge, Bill Murray was not ready for drama yet,” suggested one. Another stated, “He wasn't, but he got great eventually. Lost in Translation is a top-tier film. His performance carries The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou as well.” “My wife read the book and wanted to see the movie. So we watched it and were massively disappointed,” a third person confessed. 

8. Chris Pratt

“I love the bit in the latest Jurassic World movie where he's supposed to be frantic and angry that someone kidnapped his adopted daughter, and he conveys this with all the mildly aggravated energy of someone who has to be somewhere and can't find their keys,” shared one. 

9. Nick Kroll

“I thought Nick Kroll was terrible in both Loving and Don't Worry Darling,” one replied. Another added, “I like a lot of Kroll's stuff, but the second he has to go out of bounds of his five characters, the quality of his performance drops like a rock.”

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10. Seth McFarlane

“I like The Orville, but every time Seth MacFarlane tries to give a stirring Captain Picard-Esque speech, I want to throw up. It's very much not in his wheelhouse,” a final person commented. 

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit pick of actors known for comedy that wasn't very good in serious roles.

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