There are two types of couples in this world. One that needs the eight hours apart every day to make their time together more precious and to maintain their sanity (SERENITY NOW!).

The other couple would love nothing more than to be able to share their days together as well as their nights. Working from home lends itself perfectly to jobs for couples but make sure you understand the risks

If you’re one of the latter couples, there are many opportunities to mix business and pleasure by working together.

But there are risks to working together as a couple.

Let’s look first at some jobs for couples before talking about how you can work better as a couple without straining the relationship.

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Work from Home Jobs for Couples

The internet has opened almost any job to working from home, including couples working together or just working from a home office.

I know several couples that work together on their online business, running websites together. There’s more that goes into running a blog than most people think. Besides just producing regular content, you have to manage advertising, product creation, social media profiles, and graphic design.

work at home jobs for couples

That breadth of roles can make managing everything challenging for one person. Still, it’s perfect for a couple with the same goal of creating a world-class online business.

It works best if each partner can find specific roles in which they can succeed. For example, this may mean that one spouse is the audience-facing member handling content and social media. At the same time, the other partner is in a back-office position.

By specializing in different roles, not only does each person build up real expertise in that job. It’s also an excellent way to give each other some private space during each day. This means that each specific job belongs to one of you. Your partner can offer suggestions and ideas, but you have control. You can also work in a separate room to get away for a moment.

We’ll go into more detail on ways couples can work better together, but it’s important that neither partner sees themselves as just a supporting role. Like in the relationship, the business has to be an equal partnership.

Another great work-from-home job for couples is creating a YouTube channel. I’ve seen husband and wife teams grow massive channels on YouTube for one straightforward reason.

Success on YouTube is about building a community of people who relate to you and your message. That community comes back to watch every video, which sends positive signals to YouTube to send the video out to more people. More people watching = still more people watching.

A husband and wife team’s advantage is that they always have someone fans can relate to on camera. For example, I connect pretty well with the male audience but just haven’t been able to get much female viewership. On the other hand, I have friends with a husband and wife or a family channel, and they get millions of views because men, women, and even kids follow them!

Like in blogging, it helps if partners split up roles to run a channel. Both can be on camera and have a hand in scripting videos but split up the other tasks. One person gets good at editing while the other works on social media.

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Side Hustles for Couples

Another great way to work together as a couple is through an Amazon FBA business. Amazon FBA has been one of the most amazing online business ideas over the last few years and can quickly provide a six-figure income.

I’ve got a few detailed posts on getting started with Amazon FBA, but it’s creating your own retail brand online. You’ve heard of reselling items on Amazon or eBay, buying branded items, and selling through a page on the e-commerce platforms.

Amazon FBA takes this one step further for higher profits. You create the brand yourself and sell your own products!

You can own a clothing line or toy company for less than a few grand. Of course, the platform and manufacturers handle many logistics and other roles. However, there’s still enough to manage to keep two people busy.

Combining an Amazon FBA business with a website gives you the potential to kickstart your business. The combination works so well because one spouse can run the retail side of operations while the other runs the website.

Working from home as a couple doesn’t mean you have to be stuck at the computer all day. There are other traditional jobs you can do from home as well.

Any large apartment complex needs several people for property management roles, including tenant management and maintenance. Property management is perfect for a couple with experience in administration and repairs.

My mom and stepfather ran a daycare business out of our home for nearly a decade when I was younger. The number of kids you can watch relates to the number of adults supervising, so a couple working together can usually take on up to 10 or more children.

The daycare business is one where both partners have to be on board with childcare. If you’re going to have ten screaming kids running around the house all day, both of you will need to help. One spouse can’t just do the cooking and cleaning and not expect to have to watch the kids too.

One of my favorite side hustle business ideas is a neighborhood meals service. To do this, you cook a couple of meals weekly and then sell plates to neighbors and your local community. It’s a big job with groceries, cooking, and delivery, so it helps to have more than one person involved.

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Jobs Abroad for Couples

Some of the most popular jobs for couples are abroad or while traveling. They may not pay as much as a full-time job, but they can be a great way to pay for your travel expenses and see the world.

Estate Caretaker is a common job for couples in just about any country. However, while an individual can do house swapping, larger estates are going to need more work than one person can handle.

That makes it perfect for a couple that can split up the chores like cleaning, maintenance, and yard work. Expect to be paid between $500 to $1,000 monthly plus all room and board.

Teaching English is always an easy option for working travelers. English schools constantly look for native speakers, often higher pay than most local jobs. However, getting a commitment from a school can be tricky before you travel, so this is one of those jobs you’ll need to set up when you arrive.

work from home jobs for couples

Getting a TEFL or CELTA certificate to teach English will make getting a job easier and increase how much you make.

It might not be a job for couples, but cruise ships are always hiring for different roles. Like most travel jobs, it doesn’t pay much more than minimum wage, but almost everything is paid for, so you can still save up some money while you work. Of course, you’ll make more money in some of the specialized jobs like entertainment, but these ships are like floating cities and hire for just about everything.

Resort Jobs for Married Couples

These resort jobs can be a lot of fun and actually kind of like a vacation as well. You’ll still have to work regular hours at many of them, but you’ll have all your free time to explore the resort.

The jobs you’ll find at a resort are much like cruise ship jobs for couples.

  • Activity Director and Aides
  • DJ
  • Bartender
  • Hosts
  • Water Sports Instructors and Lifeguards
  • Tour Guides
  • Childcare
  • Lots more!

Social Media Jobs for any Couple!

Family vloggers have become a trendy career path for many social media-loving couples! A vast audience wants to soak in every bit of watching families and/or couples navigate their everyday lives. 

Some of the most prominent family vloggers include The Labrant Family, The Ace Family, and The Bucket List Family. Each of these families are very unique in their own way, but what remains constant throughout them all is that YouTube has indeed become a full-time job for these couples. It has led to many other opportunities as well. For example, The Bucket List Family is working on creating a cartoon!

Any couple who is naturally good on camera and doesn’t mind sharing their lives with the world (yes, this does mean the good the bad and the ugly) would be very well suited for this job. You must consider whether raising children on camera and sharing their lives with the world before they are of age to consent is morally ethical. There are so many debates on this topic, so perhaps this is a topic for another blog, but if this doesn’t seem like a problem to you, family vlogging may be worth looking into! 

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How to Work Well as a Couple

As great as working together as a couple can be…there are a lot of risks. In fact, working couples report a higher level of marital stress than even traditional couples.

Making sure your marriage doesn’t become a statistic means learning how to work well as a couple.

The biggest problem between working couples is when one tries to be ‘the boss.’ A successful marriage needs to be based on equality, so that kind of hierarchy for eight hours a day can lead to problems.

Instead, each partner should take the lead in individual roles or parts of the business. This makes it easier for each person to give the other authority in aspects of the business while still feeling that sense of control and value in their own role.

Compromise and ‘good enough’ may work in a relationship, but it won’t work with working couples. The problem is that one partner may see the other as slacking in their role. That’s going to breed resentment and risk spilling over into the relationship.

You should set goals for your role in the business and create overall goals.

Finally, you can’t force your spouse or partner to work with you. For example, I would love for my wife to participate in the online business. She’s helped a few times in different roles, like social media and administration, but she wasn’t into it.

The key to any successful business is passion for the job. Forcing your partner to work with you as a couple will make them unhappy, and your business will suffer.

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Working as a couple can bring you closer together and build a home business beyond what either of you could do separately. Understand job risks for couples and talk to your partner before jumping into anything.

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