Who is the best one-note actor? While scrolling a favorite internet forum, I discovered the question. The poster elaborated that The Rock and Keanu Reeves were their favorite one-noters. Here are ten top-voted responses.

1. Giovanni Ribisi

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Someone volunteered, “Giovanni Ribisi. He always plays Giovani Ribisi. And I love him every time.” While others agreed, one argued, “That’s why I love his performance in Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow. Just a little different.”

2. Will Smith

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“I wouldn’t say he’s the best, but Will Smith always plays Will Smith in any movie I’ve ever seen with him. And yes, even in The Pursuit of Happiness,” someone admitted. Others argued, “Seven PoundsConcussion and I am Legend.”

3. John Cusack

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“John Cusack. Great actor, always the same character,” someone stated. “John Cusack was not lucky when it came to picking his roles. I almost forgot every film he made the second I watched it, except for Frozen Ground, I liked it, and I liked him in it,” another replied. 

4. Jennifer Coolidge

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“Jennifer Coolidge has exactly one note to her name, but damn it, no one plays that note better than her,” confessed one. A second suggested, “You need to sit down and watch The Watcher on Netflix if you haven’t – she is perfectly cast.”

5. Hugh Grant

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“Hugh Grant is the same in every Rom-com,” stated one. A second agreed, “Hugh Grant is LITERALLY always Hugh Grant. Until The Undoing, that was as far as he could stretch, yet he was still almost the same.” 

Finally, a third shared, “There’s a delightful irony that in Paddington 2, he was somehow even more Hugh Grant than Hugh Grant, and his performance (if we can call it that) was superb!”

6. Danny Trejo

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“Danny Trejo,” shared one. “He’s always the murderous-looking guy with or without the heart of gold.” Another added, “He does that on purpose. He insists that in practically every role, he’s a bad guy that meets an unfortunate end.”

“He says it’s because he leads a tough life and wants to teach people that it rarely ends well. He gives motivational speeches to keep people away from crime.”

7. Jason Statham

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“Jason Statham comes to mind. He’s the same person in every single movie,” someone alleged. A second confessed, “I oddly would be kinda upset if I saw a movie and Statham tried a different accent, tried to act different, or wore a wig.”

“I go into a Statham movie knowing what I’m going to get, and I don’t need to think that much, and I find that strangely comforting.”

8. Sam Elliot

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“Sam Elliot. No one holds back tears like Sam Elliot. There’s an entire world behind those eyes,” someone expressed. Another said, “Sometimes the man chooses the role, and sometimes the role chooses the man.”

9. Giancarlo Esposito

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Someone confessed, “I know the man must have more than one note he’s capable of hitting. But wow, does Giancarlo Esposito play a good, bad guy.”

A second argued, “He’s an underrated comedic actor. I’m delighted he’s gotten such acclaim for playing Gus Fring, but it sucks that now he’s pigeonholed as a bad guy actor.”

10. Ryan Reynolds

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“Ryan Reynolds by a million zillion miles. The dude plays himself in every movie. Even in Just Friends from 20 years ago. Same characters. Every time,” one suggested. “You can say it’s a Ryan Reynolds movie, and people will know if they will like it,” another added.

However, one argued, “He was good in BuriedLife, and The Voices. I wish he took more serious roles because he has the talent for them!”

Source: Reddit.

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