Two Weeks Notice: 20 Ways to Quit Without Saying “Resign”

Are you feeling unhappy and unfulfilled at work? Have you been suspicious for quite some time that it’s time for a change? If so, then you might be dreading having to “officially” resign. Resignation can bring with it stress and awkward conversations that aren’t always the easiest encounters to navigate. But there are actually ways to quit without saying resignation. Below are the top 20 recommended methods on how you can extricate yourself from your current job without going through the process of writing an official letter of resignation, according to Redditors.

1. Give Your Two Weeks Notice

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One user shared, “Just tell them you are putting in your two weeks’ notice.”

One user commented, “You don’t NEED to give a two-week notice if you don’t want to. This is just so the company can have more time to find a replacement. (I know you never asked for this information, but some people need to hear it; your answer is 100% right; I just wanted to share this tidbit.) You can hand in a paper saying you quit, and the next day, you don’t have to come in. If they say you weren’t good enough (and you were), you can claim retaliation for wanting to leave (if you go to another job and they give false information to your new employer). Giving a two-week notice is a courtesy, not a ‘you have to do this.'”

One user commented, “No. But it’s always a gesture of goodwill. If the place you work at actually sucks that much, yeah, don’t even bother. But if they’ve been reasonable, it’s best not to burn any bridges and just put in the two weeks. Like yeah, you don’t have to, but why put up a finger to them if they’ve been decent.”

2. Fire Them as Your Boss

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One user posted, “I have told two bosses the following: ‘I’m Firing you as my boss.'”

Another user replied, “Best one yet.”

One commenter added, “This is fire … !”

3. Tell Them Your Last Day

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“This letter is to inform you that I’ve been offered a position I’ve accepted elsewhere. My last day with this company will be ___________,” posted one user.

Another Redditor replied, “Nice. But for anyone reading, you don’t owe them an explanation. Also, if you have a signed non-compete or NDA, avoid saying you have a new offer/position.”

One added, “Excellent point, didn’t think of NDAs.”

4. Leave and Don’t Go Back

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One user shared, “Walk out the front door and never look back. You’re flushing them as a reference by doing so, but with some jobs, that kind of action is warranted.”

One user replied, “Man, this is the tricky part. I don’t want to close that door on me like that.”

5. That’s It for Me.

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“Welp, that’s it for me. I’m outty,” one user said. 

6. Send My Last Check to the Address on File

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One user stated, “Please send the last check to the address on file.”

The OP replied, “Ouuchhhhh lol, adds to the list.”

7. The Vibes Are Off

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One Redditor posted, “The vibes are off.”

Another user replied, “The vibes it ain’t… “

8. “My Last Day Working Here Is…”

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“I formally give notice that my last & final day working here is,” shared one user.

9. “I Have An Eye Problem and Cannot See Myself Here Anymore”

Eyes crossed
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One user shared, “I was diagnosed with a chronic eye problem and cannot see myself coming in anymore.”

10. “Bye Felicia”

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“Bye, Felicia,” posted one user.

11. “Hasta la Vista Baby”

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One user posted, “Hasta la vista baby.”

12. Surgery With 6 Months Recovery

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One Redditor shared, “I said I needed a knee surgery that would require at least 6 months recovery. It’s a nice way to get your foot out the door. If you’re a woman, you could always get knocked up. … Sorry, I’m an idiot.”

One user replied, “LOL, I love it.”

13. You Are the Weakest Link

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“Due to circumstances beyond my control, I will no longer be able to perform this task. Goodbye,” one user shared.

Another user replied, “You are the weakest link, goodbye”

14. Permanent Leave of Absence

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One user shared, “I am notifying you of a permanent leave and absence.”

15. Ask for a Huge Raise

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“Well, at some point, you gotta say you quit, but at my work, if you fail to show up for a few consecutive days and don’t connect with your boss about it, you have abandoned your job.

“If you are just seeking a different way of saying you quit, maybe you can say you need a huge raise or make some outrageous demand. If they say yes … then maybe stick around; if not, then boom, they know why you left.”

16. Exploring Other Opportunities

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One user posted, “Exploring other opportunities. Moving on to better things.”

17. To Whom It May Concern

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“Hmm, an old colleague and friend of mine left shortly after I did. He was the Trainee Manager of the store. He was basically being completely taken advantage of—essentially being paid minimum wage to be the store manager and assistant store manager as there wasn’t anyone else and working crazy hours.

“Eventually, he got fed up and quit. But before he did, he made sure to change all the saved supplier phone numbers to high-cost s-x chat uplines, left rotting meat and fish in the air ducts and various other bits before his final shift. He left a letter of notice on his desk and just said on the front, ‘didn’t know who to address this to,’ and that was that.”, shared one user. 

18 “Today Will Be My Last Day”

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One Redditor posted, “Left with, ‘Respectfully informing you that today will be my last day working here.’

“Or, ‘Today concludes my work with this organization. I won’t be in again.'”

19 “I Will Need to Leave My Position Soon”

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One Redditor stated, “I have a new plan in place and will need to leave my position soon.”

20. Friday is My Last Day

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“Friday is my last day. It was eye-opening working here; see you guys later. And as always, f- you, get f-!” posted one user.

What do you think of the statements listed above? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Reddit.

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