10 of the Easiest Lazy Jobs That Make Good Money

Are you searching for simple jobs that make good money? You've got company. Someone recently asked, “People who have insanely easy/lazy jobs and make good money… what do you do?” These are the top-voted responses.

1. Video Games Cinematics Creator

One shared, “I was recently hired for $150k a year to help a video game studio produce high-quality cinematics. Unfortunately, they're not making any right now, so I only do a little all day. It may change at some point, but it's been four months. I don't know why they hired me, but I'll gladly continue collecting this paycheck.”

2.   E-Learning Assistant

“I work for a university part-time. My job is as an E-Learning Assistant. If someone is too stupid to start a Zoom meeting, they call me, and I tell them how to do it. I haven't had a call in 18 months. Still, getting paid the big bucks,” shared one.

3. Art Director

“I don't want to give too many details, but this story is about one of my best friends,” someone confirmed. “He was the art director for a major financial institution. His only job was to ensure branding guidelines were being followed across all the many different groups.”

“They would send him the materials or present them to him on a call. He would provide detailed feedback. That's it. He worked two hours daily, and his base salary was $200k. He did this job for 18 months before quitting because he felt his brain dying from playing video games all day.”

Many believed the man was not a legend but a fool for giving up the job. However, the OP clarified he's a type-A personality and is always on the move, making even more money now. 

4. Answering Service

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Another shared, “I work for an answering service and make good money. However, I'm one of two – night guys, and I work from home. Given how slow nights are, I sit around watching tv, reading books, etc.”

However, they later clarified, “I make a little over 34k a year gross. Because I work remotely, I can live where that's a good wage to pay my bills and put money into savings. My office is in a different city than where I live.”

5. Network Engineer

One person admitted, “Network Engineer. Not sure I'd call it easy, but it's not arduous, and I work from the comfort of my home while sitting down all day. It pays $98k, and I live in one of the lowest-cost-of-living cities. So I'm making bank.”

Another added, “Also a network engineer/auditor. Your job is easy when things are working, but when things are broken, you are expected to get them back up asap. And it's always the network's fault something is down.”

6. Security for Government Facilities

Another stated, “Security for government facilities. I make 55 bucks an hour to sit on my bum and watch DVDs. That's with no college education, and anyone with any customer service experience can get into security quickly. The job doesn't allow anything with wifi/Bluetooth/microphones or cameras, so no phone. You sit for twelve hours watching TV or reading books.”

7. UX Work on Software

“UX work on software, apps, and websites (no coding). 1-3 hours a day. From home. In my underwear. Six figures. There are a bunch of books out there on UX methodologies. None of them are rocket science. Learn things from the books. Go to local UX meetups. Offer pro bono UX services to nonprofits, faking it till you make it to get experience,” someone suggested.

8. Electrician


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“I am an electrician,” replied one. “I get paid $40 for every light switch I install. I install about 20 a day every day. You do the math. It's a 1099 position, so I pay my gas and insurance to the job sites and use my car, but it's still well worth it and not difficult work.”

9. Night Shift Superintendent for a DOD Contractor

“Night shift superintendent for a DOD contractor. I'm here in case poo hits the fan about once every few months. Other than that, I sit in my office, listen to podcasts/watch YouTube. The job pays 100k+. Work 4-10's and no weekends or holidays,” another shared.

10. Local Semi-Truck Driving

Finally, someone confessed, “Drive a semi locally. I work about ten hours a day. Usually 5 am-3 pm, Monday – Friday. But I spend about five hours driving and five hours in my sleeper watching stuff on my iPad. I'll make 75k this year, and I've taken eight weeks off. Last year I made 80k but only took five weeks vacation.”

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit picks list of easy or lazy jobs that make good money. Just a reminder, these views are Reddit's and not my own.

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