Some celebrities are golden in their industry, be it music, film, sports, etc. Then some stars could be better. However, there is one commonality between them; there are fantastic human beings among both groups. Here is a list of Reddit’s top ten wholesome celebrities that no one can hate.

1. Maggie Smith

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“People love her, but she can be highly abrasive. People would not go as far as hate her over it, but she’s not exactly an easygoing person,” someone stated. Another replied, “I read somewhere she stays in character when on set, and some other actors – especially child actors – struggle with that, especially if she’s not playing the nicest of characters.”

“I’m thinking Mrs. Medlock in The Secret Garden here. So while that doesn’t mean she’s necessarily a bad person, I can see why some folk may not like her.”

2. Keanu Reeves

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“I came looking for this. People hated him as they did Nickelback. The universal flip was well before John Wick, though. It was just after the sad Keanu Reeves meme. A Reddit post explained their good experiences with him and the tragedies he had with family/pregnant partners’ deaths.”

“I never understood the hate, but what I understand less is how nearly everyone magically forgot how much heckling he used to get,” one user said. “My favorite part is that John Wick is like all his other characters.”

3. Julie Andrews

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“I went on tour with Julie Andrews for two weeks. It was one of those: An evening with type things. By the first day, she knew all the crew’s names, chatted with everyone, telling stories and asking about our lives. She was the crew Mum by the third show, ensuring we were all getting enough rest and food.”

“She stopped a rehearsal when our breakfast was delivered late so we could all go and eat. And on the last show, she gave us all hugs, a bottle of whisky, and a handwritten letter saying thank you. It’s the only time once a show ended that we were all a bit sad because we wouldn’t see her again. Beautiful woman inside and out,” one user replied.

4. Betty White

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“I remember where I was when she died. My girlfriend and I were walking out of a supermarket, and she got a notification on her phone. She exclaimed, “Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh no!” I panicked and thought something had happened to her family.”

“Then she told me. Somehow, I felt even worse.” one user replied. “I was lucky enough to work with Betty White, so I got to see her in an environment where she didn’t need to be nice or focus on her public image. She could be herself. And she was exactly the same.”

“A glowing smile, always on the edge of a laugh, always looking for a way to make you happy. She lived for other people’s joy. It was mana to her. So yeah, Betty was one of a kind. It wouldn’t be possible to dislike her.” another person said.

5. David Attenborough

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“I made an internal website with everyone’s face, their role, and a little bio. Part of this was a few questions to make it easier, and one question was, who do you look up to or admire? Out of about 100 staff, 40% responded with David Attenborough.”

Another Redditor replied, “Not to rub it in, but I got to see him speak about birds of paradise once at McMurdo Station after they wrapped filming on Frozen Planet. It was exactly as magical as you’d think.”

6. Tony Hawk

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“Yes! He’s just lovely. I got sucked in a hole one-day watching videos of him driving around town and going up to kids skating saying, ‘Do a kickflip!’ If they struggled, he helped them. If they did it, he gave them a gift. He gave gifts to everyone who tried.”

“He’s huge on encouraging youth to skateboard and (safely) learn their limits. Skateboarding takes a lot of effort to learn your limits, giving you much more confidence. His purpose of yelling (nicely) at youth to do tricks was so that he could help them gain confidence and help them understand that practice and dedication is so important to the sport,” one person posted.

7. Rick Moranis

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Rick Moranis is not just a great person but also a talented actor. He delivers a notable performance in the film “Splitting Heirs,” where he deftly combines humor and subtlety in portraying his character. His comedic timing and versatility add depth and interest to the movie, making his role unforgettable.

“What a saint. I’ve loved every Moranis film I’ve seen and loved them even more, knowing his story. Truly an angel of a human being,” one user replied. “For those unaware, his wife died of cancer, and he left the industry at the height of his career to be a full-time dad to his kids,” a second person said.

“I’ve never read or heard a bad story about him. I think the fact that he left his career for his family is just a testament to how he is. It just stands out as he walked away from potentially millions of dollars to take care of his family,” said a final person.

8. Bob Ross

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“He reported to my grandfather while up there. All accounts from my grandfather were he was a pretty good guy. He painted gold pans up there and got so many comments/sales that it steered him into art full-time after he retired. Although I don’t know that he ever actually yelled at people, as grandfather put it, Bob Ross could turn on a truly intimidating intensity that didn’t require yelling,” one person replied.

9. Dolly Parton

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“I will not take anyone dissing the Queen. I don’t even listen to her music like that! I love her for who she is,” one user said. “I just watched the Hall of Fame special on HBO Max. You have not lived until you see that crowd backing up Dolly Parton singing Jolene. There she is, arm in arm with Rob Halford, singing the refrain,” said a second person.

“Not long ago, I recall she was a guest co-host on The Talk. Dolly was asked about Jolene and if the song was based on a real person. Dolly, in her very Dolly way, answered yes.”

“The other hosts seemed surprised, and Dolly continued, And you know, the last time I saw her, she was still working in a bank and doesn’t look good now! There was an audible gasp, and then the whole studio laughed. I was laughing, too, because of her unabashed honesty,” said another person.

10. Fred Rogers

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“I met him when I was young, working in a video rental store. He was truly a saint. He chatted with us for a while and treated my metalhead co-worker and me with the same respect and love that he treated everyone on his show, and as he left, he told us he was proud to have such fine, upstanding young men as his neighbors. One of my favorite memories,” one person shared.

“Don’t call him a saint. Mr. Rogers wouldn’t like that; it implies something great about him that others don’t have. He’d believe anyone could be a person like him if they tried. Being kind, active listening, empathy, and respecting others are all things anyone can do; that’s what Fred believes anyway,” said a second person.

Source: Reddit.

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