10 Everyday Things That Are Glorified in Society That Shouldn’t Be

Is there a behavior or something you see celebrated or accepted in our culture that shouldn't be? You're not alone. After someone polled the internet, “What is glorified in our society but shouldn't be?” These are the top-voted responses.

1. Going Into Work Sick

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Showing up to work while sick,” one suggested. “You would have thought going through a pandemic, bosses would learn, but they don't. Finally, a nurse confessed, “I'm a nurse and got Covid. I was told I could return to work (and was expected to show up to work) after five days of quarantine.”

“But, I wasn't allowed to go to my doctor's appt because I hadn't been quarantined for ten days. How messed up is that? I could care for patients but couldn't be one myself.”

2. Hustle Culture

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“Overworking oneself. We need rest, and we need hobbies,” one stated. “The whole hustle culture and people saying ‘respect the grind' is incredibly dangerous. Instead, striving for a healthy work/life balance is the mindset that should be celebrated.”

3. Influencers

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“Influencers. Influencers‘ roles in society are more just gateways to specific audiences for companies to have access to for their ads and products,” one replied. 

“Why do people follow influencers only to feel worse about themselves? They take (not even real) pictures the whole day. They also spend a couple of days at a place and take a BUNCH of pictures, then spread out the postings and pretend they're still at the location when they're not. But people believe it,” another claimed.

4. Sleep Deprivation

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“Society glorifies not getting enough sleep. Lack of sleep in favor of ‘grinding.' Someone who sleeps eight or nine hours is considered lazy because they could have been working on their future. Sorry, but I have no promising future if I have health issues from sleep deprivation,” answered another.

5. Alcoholism

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“Alcoholism. Blacking out multiple times every weekend is insane to me,” one confessed. A second admitted, “The more I work security at clubs, the more I wonder how these people do it. The same people, week in and week out, just getting plastered and needing to be escorted out. To me, at least, a sad way to live a life.”

A third argued, “I don't think that's glorified. I think it's alcoholics and their enablers egging each other on.” Then, finally, someone added, “It's not only blackout drunks. If drinking beer or wine is part of your personality and daily routine, that's alcoholism.”

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6. The Instagram Beauty Standard

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“The Instagram beauty standard. I don't know how to phrase this, but the Instagram baddie trend has young girls wearing so much makeup—injecting their faces and getting surgery early in their lives. It's sad, dangerous, and an unhealthy behavior we enable in society,” another informed.

7. Exposure

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“Exposure,” said another. “People film every single action of their life and expose family and friends to get views online. It should be a requirement to see a video of the recorder at some point in any video if they are posting a video of another person without their consent. If they're posting a video for someone else to be judged, they, too, should put themselves up for judgment.”

8. Online Prank Videos

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“Online Prank Videos on YouTube, Facebook reels, and TikTok. Especially when kids are involved. Like these parents who were always doing it to their kids, to the point they were crying,” said one.

Another confessed, “I recently saw one where a guy moaning in various men’s ears at Lowes. I know these are staged since the protagonist never gets their bum kicked, but they are just lame, and I have no idea how anyone could enjoy either type.”

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9. Hyper Individualism

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Someone shared, “Hyper individualism, the obsession with the self and our identities.” “It's not the degree of individualism. It is the manifestation of individualism,” another argued. “Your identity is established by associating with the correct brands and ideas. Therefore, personal development and broadening your perspective and understanding is actively discouraged.”

10. Politicians and Celebrities

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Celebrity and politician worship,” shared one. “Politicians and celebrities who do not deserve any ounce of glorification based on their harmful actions, thoughts, and words that negatively impact their fan base,” a final user commented.

What do you think? Did Reddit get this right, or do you disagree with this list? This article was inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views of Finance Quick Fix.

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