10 Fan Bases That Terrify People to Their Core

Here we go again with crazy fan bases! I love reading these posts. Only this time, people want to know, “What Fanbase genuinely scares you?” Here are the top-voted responses.

1. Hardcore K-Pop and Anime Fans

Someone stated, “K-pop fans and hardcore anime fans. Some people make their personalities all about it. Watching anime all the time and cosplaying is one thing. But when you start saying things like ‘Their Japanese pronunciation is wrong. I know because I watch anime,' it's time to find a new hobby.”

2. League of Legends Fan Base

League of Legends. I'm not scared for me but for them. They all warn you to stay away from LOL and say they hate playing the game yet can't stop. LOL also has the reputation of having extreme toxicity. So it sounds like they are all trapped by some invisible force in a mire of toxins,” someone explained.

3. Crossfitters

“Crossfitters. They're intense,” one said. “I was at a party with a cross-fitting vegan last week- that man cleared out a room faster than a dog with broccoli farts.”

4. Andrew Tate Fans

“Andrew Tate. He's creating future problems. He will also be responsible for a series of videos about a decade from now. For those who don't know, he's an Ex-MMA fighter turned ‘pick-up artist who sells courses to young men on how to be like him. I would not have heard of him if he was not British. However, he has come up in discussions about incels in the U.K. because of his influence.”

5. Reddit Fan Base

“Reddit,” one replied. “Seriously. I have deleted so many comments because I can imagine someone taking it out of context, and their reply starts with ‘So what you're saying is…' and then completely twisting my comments. I'm getting anxious about this post.” Another said, “Same. 95% of my comments are never actually posted.”

6. Knitting Community

“Some of the craziest people I have ever met were in the knitting community,” one shared. “Seriously! And how they have created this weird binary of knitters=good and crocheters=bad is so strange. They also seem to make vague moral judgments about what type of person you are if you twist your stitches or like specific yarns, like what that says about you as a person. It is crazy,” another agreed. 

7. Joker Fans

Someone replied, “Joker fans. He is a cool villain, but you are not him.” “Joker is a fascinating VILLAIN. The guy is not an antihero. He does not say ‘interesting things about society.' He is a terrifying, unhinged, pure evil villain.” “Harley Quinn and Joker couple fans are the worst,” another added.

8. TikTok Influencer Fan Bases

“Anyone who is a die-hard fan of a TikTok influencer,” someone suggested. “Any influencer, really, not just TikTok. Especially people who are die-hard fans of celebrities – influencers or Hollywood stars – and have fan pages for their toddlers,” another stated.

9. Any Politician's Fan Base

“Any politician's fan base,” one stated. “I support politicians I agree with and don't vote for those I don't. So people who treat political parties like their sports team to be supported and backed through thick and thin no matter what are people who should not be voting.”

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10. Serial Killer Lovers

“People in love with serial killers,” shared one. “I recall seeing a fanbase for Richard Ramirez on Tumblr. Making pictures of him wearing flower crowns, writing self-insert fanfictions, why?” “It's called hybristophilia,” another said. Finally, a third stated, “Love Fans of serial killers and writing them letters asking them to marry them. Gross.”

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit picks post of fan bases that scare people.

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