10 Fan Voted Woman Equivalent’s to Morgan Freeman’s Voice

Everyone and their mom know the rich, sultry voice of the beloved Morgan Freeman. It’s one of the most recognized voices in the world. But who is the woman vocal equivalent of Morgan Freeman? After polling the internet, these women are the top-voted equivalents!

1. Maggie Smith

“Maggie Smith has the same rarified talent as James Gandolfini did. Their charisma and comic delivery make us forgive and overlook many of the character’s sins and still root for them. For example, Smith carried Downton Abbey with her charm,” someone claimed. 

2. Tilda Swinton

“Why did I have to ctrl-f to find Tilda Swinton? Her voice is like a vapor rub. Smooth on the application, but with a bracing and cool-but-not-chilly afterglow. I love her in everything she does,” another declared. “She should be higher on this thread!”

3. Emma Thompson

“Not sure what it is, or if I’m even sharing the same thought, but her voice has a very calming and normal tone. Not too posh, but not too boring either. She’s at the very nice in-between,” replied another.

4. Kathleen Turner

“The last thing I remember her in was the voice of the Monster House. I hope she’s immortalized in lots of audiobooks or something these days. But, of course, we’ll always have Romancing the Stone,” one person noted. Another added, “She also played Chandler Bing’s dad in Friends!”

5. Eartha Kitt

“Her voice was incredible, and she was such a fierce activist. I miss her,” said one. “If anyone hasn’t heard it, you HAVE to hear her sing “Want to be Evil.” She is a hoot,” another added. Finally, a third said, “Eartha Kitt makes The Emperor’s New Groove. I love her so much. 

6. Shohreh Aghdashloo

“When I read the question, she was the only one I thought of, and then there were four other top comments, and every one of them made me go, What? No. It’s Shohreh Aghsashloo (The Expanse). Obviously,” someone remarked.

7. Judy Dench

“Judy Dench does Epcot’s Spaceship Earth narration. When the ride update happens, it will be a sad day when her voice is replaced with someone else’s. I cannot imagine Cardi B’s or Kanye West’s voice doing such a serious ride,” another declared.

8. Sigourney Weaver

“She narrated Planet Earth before they replaced her with Oprah. I used to put one of those DVDs on to fall asleep in Iraq. Her voice is like someone softly rubbing your head as you fall asleep,” replied one.

9. Cate Blanchett

“Seriously, she’s the perfect female equivalent to him. Her voice has a presence all its own,” one person commented. “If heaven were Cate Blanchett narrating the sunrise, noon, and sunset, I would not be disappointed,” a second person confessed.

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10. Julie Andrews

“The only lady narrator I can think of on the spot. I love hearing her voice in Bridgerton as Lady Whistledown,” admitted one. “I came to the comments for this answer. I am so happy this one was at the top for me. In my opinion, Julie Andrews has the best speaking voice of all time,” a final user commented.

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit picks list of women vocal equivalents of Morgan Freeman. Do you agree? Or is someone better missing from this list?

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