10 Actors People Never Believed Would Become as Big as They Did

Which actor or actress did you not expect to become as big as they did? Someone recently confessed, “I didn't expect Zendaya or Jenna Ortega to become as big as they are now. Both started in pretty average Disney shows and showed little potential to be significant actors in the future.

But now Zendaya is a significant character in a Spider-Man franchise, she's starring in Dune, another big movie, and she's starting in another pretty popular show, Euphoria. And Jenna Ortega is now starring in one of Netflix's most popular TV shows, Wednesday, and is a recurring Horror movie actress. Here are ten more surprises. 

1. Ryan Reynolds

“Ryan Reynolds. Two Guys and A Girl (1998) seems like a lifetime ago,” confessed one. Another admitted, “I would say my turning point with Ryan Reynolds was the film Buried. He knocked it out of the park with that one. But yeah, until then, I wrote him off as a Dane Cook, somewhat comedic bro actor.”

2. Woody Harrelson

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“Woody Harrelson,” another responded. “If you watched him in Cheers back in the day, you would never have expected him to become such an iconic actor with many terrific roles.” 

Another added, “Lots of range, too. Harrelson can do comedy, drama, and action. Starring roles, supporting roles, cameos. Heroes and villains. Huge budgets and micro budgets. Film or TV. He fits in anywhere.”

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3. Robert Pattinson

“I'll admit it. I thought Twilight and his role in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire would pigeonhole Robert Pattinson as a heartthrob. But he has worked very hard to shed that perception, so much he immediately erased any doubt after The Batman. Try telling everyone that back in 2008, haha,” laughed one. 

4. Bryan Cranston

Someone noted, “Bryan Cranston going from Power Rangers to Malcolm in the Middle, to Breaking Bad, and then back to comedies was pretty epic.” Another added, “Bit parts in Seinfeld too. He was the dentist.” Finally, a third joked, “His name was Tim Whatley, you anti-dentite!”

5. Chris Pratt

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“Chris Pratt,” shared one. “I didn't expect him to become an action star post Parks and Recreation.” A second suggested, “It's the funny guy transform to leading man branding they gave him. Andy from Parks and Rec, to muscular leading man in action movies. John Krasinski (Jim) from The Office has done the same thing.”

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6. Michael B Jordan

One person volunteered, “Michael B Jordan. He was great as Wallace in The Wire, but I did not expect him to become what he is today. I'm happy for him, though.” A second confessed, “I knew he was special when he was on Friday Night Lights. His acting when Vince's mom OD's was on another level.”

7. Mark Wahlberg

“I still can't believe Mark Wahlberg has been so successful. Do people remember he was Marky Mark from Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch? Wahlberg is not a bad actor. But, back in the day, I thought he was famous because of his brother,” suggested one.

8. Rami Malek

Someone confessed, “Rami Malek. I remember him as the baby-faced King Tut from Night at the Museum when I was a freshman in high school.” Another said, “I remembered him as the closeted gay friend in a short-lived sitcom called The War At Home. He stood out, but I did not expect to see him become one of the most regarded dramatic actors in recent years.”

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9. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

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“The Rock. The Tooth Fairy and the bad CGI The Scorpion King fooled us all,” one joked. A second stated, “A wrestler turned actor. He was playing side character roles in B-list movies initially. Then, to the most famous actor in the world, starring in a handful of movie releases every year for like a decade now.”

10. Chris Evans

One user asked, “Do you people not remember that Chris Evans was a nobody in Not Another Teen Movie? And at the time, nobody transitioned from spoof comedy to A-list.” “He was in a good movie with Kim Basinger called Cellular. I liked that movie. He's done well for himself since then,” another replied. 

Finally, one admitted, “I remember thinking it was a bizarre choice for Captain America at the time, particularly after his human torch. But well, he was spot on and pretty much became my favorite Avenger, considering how the character grew through the movies.”

Honorable Mentions: Jason Bateman, Dave Bautista, Seth Rogen, and Jonah Hill. We hope you enjoyed this Reddit picks list of actors people never believed would get as big as they did. This article was inspired by the internet and did not necessarily reflect the views of Finance Quick Fix.

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