7 Ways Women Said Where the Easiest Ways To Get Rich

While browsing one of my favorite internet forums, I encountered a question addressing women that made me pause. Someone asked, “What is the easiest way to get rich?” Here are the top-voted responses.

7. Investing

“Become very frugal and save and invest more than half your income,” replied one. Another argued, “I don't know, investing. Of course, it's a gamble, but still, that would be my go-to option if I ever fell brave enough to invest in something.”

“Live small, like you don't have money. Spend less, save more. Don't fall into the credit trap. Instead, invest in assets that make money (index funds, rental property) and not liabilities (cars, collectibles you are not willing to sell). It's slow, but eventually, you get comfortable,” a third user added.

6. Learn How To Manage Your Finances

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“There is no easy way to get rich, but you can learn how to manage your finances better,” one said. “Start using credit cards instead of debit cards or cash.”

“Some credit cards have great perks such as cashback. Open a High Yield savings account because the more money you put in it, the more interest they pay you. Also, invest in stocks.”

5. Inheritance

“Inheritance,” replied one. “I once worked for a billionaire who had already set up multi-million dollar trust funds for grandchildren who didn't exist yet. Her daughters were still in college and single. So newborns come into this world with more money than most of us will make in a lifetime.”

4. Hard Work

“Aside from generational wealth and marrying rich, I'd say being an entrepreneur is next on the list,” another noted. “Establishing a business with a demand or a niche has a good shot.”

Another added, “You will never get rich if your prime focus is money or just getting rich. Just focus on the product you're selling.” Finally, a third person said, “It will never work with any MLM pyramid scams – boss babe businesses.

3. OnlyFans

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Several women stated OnlyFans is a good way of getting rich. However, one user pointed out, “And even then, OnlyFans is years of hard work before it even becomes profitable like that.”These days, I'd say feet pics or OnlyFans. I won't do those things unless I have no choice but to each their own,” another stated.

2. Generational Wealth

Generational wealth. The only easy way to become rich is to be born rich. All the other ways require effort, (often hard) work, and dedication,” replied one. Another agreed, “Yup. Be born into money. Everything else requires effort and sacrifice.”

1. Marry Rich

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The number one voted response is, “Marry rich!” While not the most feminist answer, some women were not amused. However, another shared, “Yup. My great-grandmother did, which is why my family still has properties and a profitable family trust.”

“That man was filthy rich. My family was not. It was a love marriage, though. And now my family is filthy rich because of her marriage. “Still, a third argued, “Marrying rich is the most direct way. Not sure if it's the easiest.”

“Like others have said, marriage. But increase your likelihood. Certain things will increase it. -Move to a city and wealthy area: This will increase your chances of actually running into people,” one shared. “Also, education. Having a good education brings a particular type of value to you as a person. Such as proving intelligence and having a good career option.”

“I'm not saying that is a crucial characteristic that the affluent seek in a partner, but it does help.” Honorable Mentions: Compound interest, sugar daddies, and winning the lottery. What do you think? Did the women of Reddit get this right, or is something significant missing from the list?

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