15 Controversial Music Opinions That Have People Judging

Do you have a controversial music view? Is there a band or artist that everyone loves but you cannot stand, or vice versa? Someone recently polled Reddit searching for opinions to stir the musical pot. Here are the top-voted controversial views.

1. Miley Cyrus Is Honestly Talented

Miley Cyrus
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“Miley Cyrus is a good and talented singer,” shared one. “She’s got a great voice. And I’m always impressed by a musician who can cover a song, and you forget they aren’t the original artists. She’s excellent at that!” Another agreed, “She’s so underrated. Many of the covers of older rock and metal songs and the live stuff she does are insane.”

2. Complex Music Is Not Necessarily Better Music

complex sheet music
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One said, “Complex music is not necessarily better music.” Another quoted Lou Reed, “One chord is fine. Two chords are pushing it. Three chords, and you’re into jazz.” “I call this the Eminem effect. His earlier music was way simpler but a lot more catchy and easy to listen to, but his newer stuff is way more technical and skill-based, but it’s just not as fun to listen to,” a third confessed.

3. Nickelback Has Some Bangers

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“Nickelback has some bangers,” someone stated. Another agreed, “Nickleback songs are pretty decent. But they get hated for no reason. It’s like why the new generation hates Linkin Park and their music. The internet says to hate them, so they did.” Wait, what? Who doesn’t love Linkin Park?!

4. Queen Albums Generally Suck

Queen album
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One bold person suggested, “Queen albums generally kinda suck. But, on the other hand, they have a good collection of singles.” “Queen sounds like novelty music to me,” confessed another. “I agree with you. Most Queen songs, I do not enjoy. There was too much focus on Freddie’s incredible voice and range.”

5. Adam Levine’s Falsetto Hurts

Adam Levine
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“Adam Levine’s falsetto is a strain on my poor ears,” one said. Others joked that the OP wanted controversial opinions before one added, “You mean his upper register auto-tune? Yeah, he’s trash.” Another shared, “Once I saw him perfectly described as a human clarinet.”

6. People Without Headphones Have The Worst Taste in Music

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“People who play music in shared dorms and public spaces without headphones have the worst taste in music. We have the technology to keep it to ourselves. But, unfortunately, those people are forcing their music on others on purpose,” another commented.

7. Every Genre Has Something Good

music genres
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“I can find something I enjoy from any genre and any era of music,” someone confessed. “Conversely, it’s okay to admit you’re not the target audience of a song and still recognize it is an objectively good piece of music. It’s also okay to enjoy objectively bad music,” another added.

8. The Killers Are Secretly a Christian Rock Band

The Killers
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One said, “The Killers are secretly a Christian rock band.” Another added, “Brandon Flowers is a Mormon, so it makes sense his religious background would be integrated into his songwriting.” “You mean to say that they are Christians in a band? But the band is not a Christian band,” another suggested.

9. The 90s-2000s Were Peak for Party Songs

party music
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“The ’90s and ’00s were the peak era for party songs. They were fun, catchy, upbeat, and not too goodie-two-shoes, which makes them perfect for keeping a party light and energetic,” one stated. “Nelly, Ludacris, Blink-182, Sum 41, Eminem, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Good Charlotte, Outkast, and many more. They all made great songs that are still played at parties today.”

10. Classical Music Is Not Boring

classical music
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Someone stated, “Classical music is comprehensive, and music from different periods and composers appeals to different people. Most people’s impression of Classical is the baroque/mid-classical that commonly appears in radio/ads.”

“However, if given a chance, many people quickly warm up to the Romantic style and some early 20th-century music, as some are pretty similar to film music. The most significant barriers are the pieces’ length and dynamic variance. You can’t leave it in the background, as many parts are too quiet.”

11. The Bob Dylan Effect

Bob Dylan album
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“Some people might not be the best musicians, but they put so much emotion into their music that, for me, it’s as good or even better than a flawlessly performed song,” one stated. “I agree. I think some songs need raw emotion more than to be performed perfectly.” Finally, a third noted “The Bob Dylan effect.”

12. The Music Industry Would Survive Without Drake

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“The music industry wouldn’t suffer without Drake. If anything, it would improve. Started from the bottom? Nah, bro, you started in one the wealthiest neighborhoods in Toronto,” one replied. Another argued, “Drake puts on a ton of producers, and then those producers helped a ton of rappers. I’m not a fan of his lyrics, but the guy is a whole ecosystem.”

13. There Is Good Modern Music, You’re Not Looking Hard Enough

girl with headphones in neon lights
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Most of you who can’t find good modern music are just really bad at looking for it. This holds true for every genre,” shared one. Another agreed, “Yeah, there is so much great modern music now in nearly all genres. You have to try to look for it, but evidently, having to make even some sort of effort is too much for most people.”

14. Catchy Doesn’t Mean Good

white woman listening to music in heaphones
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“Just because something is catchy doesn’t mean it’s good,” shared one. “Exactly! Like the stupid “Baby Shark” song or the “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” song. Catchy? Yeah, but I hate them both,” another agreed. A third said, “This is how I feel about Applebee’s song. The one called “Fancy.” It’s catchy, but I still hate it sincerely.”

15. Oversinging Is a Scourge on All Music

man oversinging
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“Oversinging is a scourge on all music. I’m sincerely open to enjoying all types of music, but oversinging might be the only thing that actively makes me hate the song it’s on,” shared one.

“In case you don’t know what oversinging is, it’s that obnoxious habit of over-embellishing singing by adding needless runs and belts and generally squeezing every possible note into as little space as possible. It’s pure showing off and does nothing to improve the song. It makes it worse. It smothers the music and often works against the actual meaning of the lyrics.”

Source: Reddit.

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