10 Companies People Would Like To See Go Bankrupt Immediately

Is there a company or brand that you have a moral objection to and would love to see go bankrupt? You've got company. After recent polling of the internet, here are ten top-voted companies people want to see go belly up.

1. Ticketmaster

“Ticketmaster. Some Swifties filed suit against Ticketmaster for the Taylor Swift debacle. Come on, Swifties, I'm rooting for you to take them down,” stated one.

“I'm ambivalent about Taylor Swift, but if her fanbase can take down Ticketmaster/LiveNation, I might buy some of her music,” another joked. A third added, “Pearl Jam fans love Swifties.”

2. Nestle

“Nestle,” one replied.” Good luck boycotting them, though. They have their hands on everything. One of the main reasons they survive is that even people who hate Nestle still buy their products unintentionally.

Another volunteered, “Nestle has purchased the hotels and bottle-filling factories in San Pellegrino of Italy, Bergamo. This city has the purest water in Italy. Nestle is privatizing the water in the world.”

3. College Board

“College Board charges 25 bucks (EDIT: PER TEST SCORE!!) to send archived AP scores per college that they could have sent free. Actual scammers who require you to fax or mail your credit card information to request the scores make the whole process even longer,” someone shared. 

“Higher education is a business. The business want's you to believe they are there to prepare you for a career, but it's just a business. Once they've got your money, they don't care what happens to you,” a second suggested.

“Yep. Once the government-backed limitless non-dischargeable loans, their game shifted to collecting as much tuition as possible,” a third stated. 

4. Payday Loan Companies

One person said, “Those payday loan companies. There are alternatives to Payday loans. How does anybody sleep at night taking advantage of desperate people in such an insidious fashion?”

“The state of New Mexico just enacted a cap on the interest they can charge. The highest rate they can charge here is 36%. Still incredibly high but far from the 100%+ they were charging previously. They are awful, and people go to them out of desperation,” answered another.

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5. Multi-Level Marketing Scams (MLMs)

LulaRoe and other MLMs in existence,” another exclaimed. “They ruined many lives by giving people the false hope of financial security, driving them into debt and eventually bankruptcy. They need a taste of their own medicine. So shut them all down!”

6. Facebook/Meta

“Facebook/Meta. After switching phones, I couldn't access my FB or Insta anymore. I tried for about two weeks and then gave up on it. That was two years ago, and I don't miss it except for the birthday reminders of people I care about, perhaps 10% of my friends.”

“Honestly, a few years ago, I went onto Facebook, wrote my friend's birthday in an old-fashioned planner, and have been copying it every year since. Now I don't need Facebook anymore for the only thing I used to use it for,” another confessed.

7. Big Pharma

“Whatever company sells insulin high,” said one. Another added, “It angers me because Insulin is affordable in most countries. For example, in the U.K., I believe 5 Novorapid pens cost £18. It is unacceptable what they cost in the U.S.” Another added, “Epi-Pens,” before a third called it “Big Pharma!”

8. Turbo Tax

After someone voted for Turbo Tax, another asked what they missed. Someone answered, “You missed TurboTax lobbying against tax simplification, whereby the government would tell us how much we owe in taxes instead of making it a guessing game/math test.”

Another argued, “It's a little more complicated than that as there are things you can deduct or should report that the government wouldn't automatically know. But TurboTax made it way more complicated for their financial benefit than it should be.”


“SHEIN. Especially when they've been accused of using lead-based dyes in their clothes, super cheap sweatshops, and are the worst kind of fast fashion trash generators. SHEIN is terrible,” stated one.

Another added, “The scale that SHEIN operates on and the corners they cut are on a different level. Justine Leconte on YouTube has an excellent, concise video about it.”

10. Walmart

“Walmart. They took out life insurance on elderly employees and cashed the checks without anyone knowing for years,” one replied. “They also suck the life out of the towns they are built. They become the only place to shop, and sometimes end up closing and leaving the towns screwed,” a final user commented.

What do you think? Did Reddit get this list right, or is another business on your hit list? This article was inspired by the internet and did not necessarily reflect the views of Finance Quick Fix.

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