Do you think you know what episodes made this list of comedies that made people cry? I bet you don't! After polling the internet, here are some of the responses that aren't on every other TV comedy that made us cry list. Enjoy!

1. The Simpsons' – “Bart Gets an F” Season 2, Episode 1

One person shared, “Not an obvious choice, but the “Bart Gets An F” episode of The Simpsons. It is one of the only episodes where we see Bart trying to do well at school because it's finally sunk in that his future depends on it. He tries desperately to study for that final and fails in the end. The part where he cries and says, “I tried my best, and I still wasn't good enough,” is heartbreaking.”

2. BoJack Horseman – “Ruthie” Season 4, Episode 9

“Ruthie” from Bojack Horseman. It breaks my heart every time I watch it,” shared one. “Seeing Princess Carolyn want a baby so bad and going through her worst day to have the only solace ripped away from you at the end when you find out it was all a made-up to make Princess Carolyn feel better about the miscarriage. So heartbreaking,” another volunteered.

3. Roseanne – “Lies My Father Told Me,” Season 6, Episode 1

A third person stated, “Roseanne had this episode where Dan learns his mother was mentally ill and where she went when she disappeared. Also, how his father let Dan hate him, thinking those disappearances were because of things the father did when she was actually in the mental hospital so Dan wouldn't negatively look at his mom.”

“The realization hitting this man in his 40s to learn the truth about his dad being a good man and taking all that anger from his son for years, and that his mom was sick and then Dan crying. It broke me down as well.”

4. The Golden Girls – “Ebb Tide” Season 5, Episode 11

One user confessed, “The Golden Girls had A LOT of sad moments. One of the ones that always brings me to tears is when Blanche is saying goodbye to Big Daddy at his grave, and before leaving, she tells Dorothy, “I'm nobody's little girl anymore.” Heart-breaking and requires tissues.” “Also, in The Golden Girls episode where Phil dies, Sophia has to accept that her baby is gone. Gut-punch.”

5. That '70s Show – Finale Season 8, Episode 22

One person volunteered, “One of the saddest is That '70s Show's last episode. It was for two reasons: their friendship shattered, they were now “that guy/girl I used to talk and hang out with a long time ago,” and it broke my heart seeing this. The second reason was that all the actors were chasing different paths, they didn't want to keep the show anymore, and it was apparent.”

6. How I Met Your Mother – “Legendaddy” Season 6, Episode 19

“Legendaddy” from How I Met Your Mother – Barney finally meets his absent father and tries to bond, but still has trouble forgiving his dad for not being in his life,” one shared. “I like the last scene, with Barney staring out the window and the rest of the group coming to comfort him. “A kid needs a hoop.”

7. Archer – “Mission: Difficult” Season 12. Episode 8

Archer has an episode acknowledging the passing of Mallory Archer's voice actor Jessica Walter. In the episode, Archer's mother leaves the agency to Archer and explains her going in the last letter to her son. I couldn't, man. I wept,” one admitted. 

8. Scrubs – “My Jiggly Ball” Season 5, Episode 4

“A small moment compared to many, but I find it very heavy. In Scrubs, where Dr. Kelso is seen stepping foot out of the hospital, you see the pain in his eyes and face after work due to the many difficult decisions he had to make, and the song “These Feelings Won't Go Away” makes it that much sadder. Scrubs, overall, is fantastic and full of sad episodes,” another confessed. 

9. The Wonder Years- “Independence Day” Season 6, Episode 20

Another shared, “The last episode of The Wonder Years. They all end up losing touch with each other, and the father dies, just like in real life. Wart – returning home from war. I cry every time.”

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10. Friends – “The One with the Birth Mother” Season 10, Episode 9

“This one is personal, but in the episode of Friends, when Chandler and Monica learn they can't have kids. It hurts,” one confessed. Another admitted, “I always struggle to watch that last season so much because we went through infertility too. The episode where they meet Erica and Chandler says, “My wife is a mother without a baby,” crushes me every time.

What do you think? Did Reddit get this right?

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