10 Things People Admitted They Will Never Buy Secondhand

Are you a thrifty shopper or a modern consumer that draws the line on certain secondhand goods? You've got company. Someone recently asked, “What's the one thing you would never buy secondhand?” The internet responded to deliver this list.

1. Pacifiers

“Pacifiers,” one explained. “When I was pregnant, my mother-in-law gave me a plastic baggie of used pacifiers. She bought them at a garage sale and told me they'd be okay to use if I just boiled them. No. Hard pass. They went straight in the trash when I got home.”

2. Breast Pumps

“Breast pumps,” replied one. “Unless it's a closed system. When mine were small, most were not closed systems, which allows aerosolized breast milk particles to get places you can't clean. So the FDA does not recommend it.” “Most of the newer breast pumps available are closed systems now, which is great,” shared another.

3. Bathing Suits and Lingerie

“My local Goodwill sells used bathing suits and lingerie too. Once, my big sister bought both, but assuming they were new and given to goodwill because the person who bought them did not like them.”

“She even asked the lady at the desk about it. When we got to the car, she found both stained, especially the lingerie. You can assume with what. I could never buy either of those used, especially after that.

4. Headphones and Air Pods

“Headphones and Air Pods,” replied one. “Headphones: Okay. Earbuds: Heck, no,” said another. Many people informed users that you could buy replacements for the part that goes in your ears, but most agreed it's a nasty secondhand purchase.

5. Keyboard

“A keyboard,” one explained. “I've disassembled quite a few for cleaning. And they are disgusting. If I have the chance, I'd rather use my own or buy a new one. Detest the thought of using someone else's.” “Seconding this,” said another.”

“I ran a build and repair service for (high-end) keyboards for a while. I have horror stories with pictures to back them up. Clean your keyboards, folks, and try not to eat (or participate in other activities ) at your desk.”

6. Couch

“A couch,” one confessed. “I used to work at a pest control company, and the only thing that brought them in is used furniture, but usually a couch. They are terrifying- they hide in tiny cracks and crevasses during the day and then come out to feed on you at night. You don't notice until it's too late.”

“You'll start waking up with itchy bites, see little red sprinkles in the seams of your mattress, and eventually see them. One single pregnant female on a throw pillow is all it takes. The male stabs the female in the abdomen (literally) once, and she's pregnant for life and off to make your life miserable. Then you have to pay $2500+ for a company to treat them. And if they miss one pregnant female.”

7. Mattress

“A mattress. I have made this mistake in the past, and bed bugs happened. Never again,” someone shared. Many people shared they had never had a new mattress, while others expressed that hotel mattresses are bad, but everyone sleeps on them. Nonetheless, a mattress was the third most-voted answer.

8. Underwear

Was there ever a doubt? I thought it would be number one, but underwear secured the number two spot. One said, “This was my first thought, but there's a market for used panties. Me personally, though? That's a no-go.” Another person clarified, “I don't think the people are buying them intend to wear them in that market.”

9. Helmet

“A Helmet. It can only take one good hit,” someone replied. Another added, “Anything that has to do with safety.” “Car seats are the same way- they can't be reused after even a small accident and have expiration dates,” a third reported.

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10. Tires

“I never understood the used tire market.” A final user declared, “I know they're expensive, but for something that separates you from a 70mph fiery death, I'd rather make sure I'm getting new ones.”

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit picks list of things people would never purchase secondhand.

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