Is there a comedian you don’t find funny or get the hype around them? A Redditor recently asked, “Who is the worst comedian of all time?” Here are the top-voted responses.

10. Rob Schneider

Rob Schneider
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One person shared, “I went to a Rob Schneider show recently. I was fully expecting the super-conservative talking points, but I figured he would be funny, so it’s whatever. But unfortunately, half the show was a lecture on how Bill Gates is trying to depopulate the planet with covid vaccines. No jokes about that, just a conspiracy theorist who was ranting at the audience.”

9. Dane Cook

Dane Cook
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“Dane Cook. Why was he so popular for a while? I didn’t get it,” someone asked. “My friends and I were in New York when he was an up-and-coming comedian. We got free tickets to his show because they were filming it for a TV special.”

“So many people were getting up and leaving in the middle that they started blocking the exits. It was so, so bad. I was genuinely confused when he became the next big thing. I think they had to add canned laughter when they aired his show.”

8. Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah
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Someone volunteered, “Trevor Noah. He ruined The Daily Show for me. That was the last show I could tolerate on Comedy Central, and he ruined it.” Another argued, “I don’t find him funny on The Daily Show. I went to one of his stand-up shows, which was shockingly funny.”

7. Pete Davidson

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“Pete Davidson. Just haven’t ever thought he was funny,” someone confessed. A second argued, “The weird thing about Pete is that he is a pretty funny guy. It’s just his comedy that isn’t funny.” A third added, “His entire repertoire is I smoke weed.”

6. Jeff Dunham

Jeff Dunham
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“Jeff Dunham. Not funny at all,” one suggested. Another said, “Shame, too. Because normally ventriloquists are so hilarious.” Finally, a third stated, “He was my first thought. The guy with the puppets is unbelievably cringy.”

5. Carlos Mencia

Carlos Mencia
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“Carlos Mencia, aka the Milli Vanilli of comics!” one exclaimed. “He even stole the fish sticks joke. He sucks.”A second added, “He was a big thing that it came out his name was Ned, and his whole brand was over-the-top Hispanic stereotyping.”

4. Nick Cannon

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Someone professed, “Nick Cannon has the worst stand-up comedy I’ve ever heard.” Another joked, “The man’s too busy populating the earth to be funny.” Finally, a third digressed, “This better than any Nick joke I ever heard.”

3. Brendan Schaub

Brendan Schaub
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“Brendan Schaub. Hands down,” shared one. “Both of his specials were incredibly unfunny.” But, a second argued, “You’re being too generous calling them specials. The last one he dumped onto YouTube because absolutely no network or streaming service wanted it.”

2. Ellen DeGeneres

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“Ellen DeGeneres,” one stated. “Thank you. She was only funny as Dory on Finding Nemo.” Another admitted, “I thoughts she was funny until I saw Ellen’s Game of Games. It reminded me of some old Nickelodeon kid game shows with everyone getting slimed or dropped down a shaft all the time. She showed her true colors.”

1. Amy Schumer

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“I clicked to see the Amy Schumer comments, and I was not disappointed. She’s in about 25% of the comments so far,” shared one. Another stated, “That’s what you get when you take most of your material from older comics and make the rest about your lady bits. She’s even repeated her jokes from previous shows when doing new shows.”

Source: Reddit.

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