We turn to celebrities for all sorts of reasons—to be inspired, amused, and entertained—but we're now witnessing a disturbing trend with some famous people: they are getting canceled because they can't seem to stop being stupid. From oversharing on social media to taking part in questionable behavior or feuds that ultimately blow up in their faces, many celebs don't seem to understand when enough is enough, and it's time for a break. 

Here's a look at the five most cringe-worthy examples of what happens when celebs go too far.

1. Anthony Weiner

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One Reddit user posted, “Anthony Weiner. The absolute jack*ss loses his job (as a member of Congress) because he sends dick pics to someone, not his wife and a minor. On the campaign trail for Mayor of New York, he does it again…and gets caught again. Because he's a goddamn m*ron.”

Another user responded, “Seriously, if my name was Weiner, I think I'd be hyper-conscious of the implications.”

“This is a really good answer. For a minute, he appeared to have so much promise. Sky's the limit sort of figure. Then what a staggering fall, and again and again. Besides getting him ‘canceled,' his stupidity arguably had a pivotal role in losing Hillary in the 2016 election. It's one of those butterfly effect questions: What alternate world might we live in today if that moron could have just kept it in his pants?! I remember spotting him and Huma Abedin walking down the street in Park Slope in the wake of the mayoral campaign scandal. They looked so utterly empty. I can't even imagine the dark times between them,” added a third user. 

2. Azealia Banks

One user shared, “Azealia Banks was projected to be the next big female rap name in the early 2010s after her 212 [song] exploded, and her EP received widespread acclaim, getting universal praise for her lyricism and style…but the woman is a literal sociopath. Rihanna was ready to take her under her wing, and she completely sabotaged that relationship so fast. The chick is a maniac.” 

“She's pretty much sabotaged every relationship she's had with every influential person in the music industry she's ever met. Pharrell also tried to put her on. Then she trashed the songs he worked on with her. She has her foot permanently sealed in her mouth,” another user added.

3. Ezra Miller

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A Reddit user posted, “Ezra Miller.”

Another commenter added, “Everyone explained who he is, but no one explained what he did to get all the hate. This is a short summary on his Wikipedia, but it gets much worse when you actually read what he did in detail: Miller has been accused of committing disorderly conduct, assault, and burglary, resulting in multiple widely publicized arrests and citations, and has also been accused of grooming minors.” 

Another user also shared his experience, “Ezra Miller came into a bar I used to work at one time, probably about 5 or 6 years ago (before all of the violent incidents came out). Even then, I got a weird, uncomfortable feeling from them. My door person at the time was a huge fan, trying to play it cool, and informed me how they were. I had no clue. I proceeded to walk them through our cocktail list and ended up making a custom cocktail for them. Idk what it was, but my entire interaction with them felt so uncomfortable, like they were in this frantic party swirl. Years later, when all the stuff came out about them being really aggressive started to come out, I can't say I was surprised. I guess they just rubbed me the wrong way.”

4. Nicki Clyne

A user posted, “Nicki Clyne from Battlestar Galactica. She's not super big, but she sure as Sh*t ain't going to be big now.”

“What the hell?! I was reading about her on her Wiki page. No idea about all this. It just keeps getting weirder and weirder! That's a shame because she was really good at BSG,” replied another user.

A third commenter, “Of all the people to quit the show to run a pyramid scheme/sex cult (which was itself a pyramid scheme), well, she wouldn't be my first guess.” 

Another Redditor commented, “Shit. I didn't know she was involved with NXIVM. Gross.”

Keith Raniere, a convicted racketeer and sex offender, started the personality cult NXIVM. NXIVM is also the trademarked name of Raniere's now-bankrupt company, which offered seminars and films on how to improve yourself.


5. Kanye

One Redditor posted, “Kanye.” Reddit users then seem to agree with the name to be listed. Another user commented, “I really think people underestimate just how much goodwill Kanye had for so long. He spent a decade telling people he was the greatest thing since they put nipples on titties, and everyone was just like Yep, that's Kanye.

He went off the deep end so fast it's staggering. It was like ruining his legacy was his full-time job.”

Another user shared, “I was convinced for years it was all just an act, and he was playing a character. Nope, the dude needs serious help. Seems he lost touch with reality a long time ago, and getting richer and richer just made his delusions even worse.”

Know someone who's not on the list but deserves to be part of it? Check out this list on Reddit!

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