It doesn’t have to take years to make more money, try some of these to start seeing more cash in a month

First off, it’s not easy to make more money whether it’s in a month or a whole year. If it were then everyone would do it. We highlighted ten ways to make money fast last week, all of them fairly easy to put together. If you want to make real money though, the kind that puts extra zeros at the end of your bank account, you’re going to need a plan.

But you can make more money and you can do it in as little as a month with some of the ideas below.

Easy Ways to Make More Money in a Month

Just like in the prior list of ways to make money fast, we’ve separated this list into two groups. The first group of jobs to make more money are fairly easy to start up. You won’t need much experience and can start to see money coming in within a month or two. As is always the case in life, these ways to make more money don’t pay as well as the second group where you’ll put your skills to the test.

  1. Rent a room

Depending on the city or area you live in, you might be able to get big bucks for a spare room in your house. If you don’t want to have strangers at home for a long time, consider renting it only for a few days to travelers and lodgers.

ideas make more money monthAirbnb and FlipKey are some of the websites that can help you find a client to rent your spare room (or entire house) for only a few days. Most of these sites do the work for you in screening guests but make sure you do a little sleuthing on your own. TIP: If you include breakfast in the deal, your place will certainly be more attractive for potential guests.

  1. Drive

Believe it or not, your car could be one of your greatest allies in making more money. Platforms like Uber or Lyft allow you to work driving people around in your spare time. Passengers pay in advance and you get paid by the website so there’s no risk of getting stiffed for the ride. With gas prices so low, I’ve talked to Uber drivers that are making $30 and more an hour. It all depends on how available you are to drive and how busy it is in your city. Keep in mind that these sites are also businesses, so they WILL keep a percentage of the money you make as commission.

  1. Start a blog to make more money

This is obviously where I make a lot of my extra money. I started my first two websites just over two years ago and make upwards of $1,500 a month not including self-publishing and freelancing work. I know other bloggers that make much more than that…but there’s also a lot of bloggers that make much less.

It’s one of the reasons I started this new blog, to share the tricks and strategies to make more money blogging. Be sure to check out the How to Work from Home Directory for insight and articles in each work from home strategy but you’ll want to make sure you read the posts below.

Most bloggers and website managers out there are only concerned about keywords and the way search engines work, and many of them have been neglecting the content they post. Remember that the only way to stand out from the traffic-junkies out there is to truly CARE about the content you post on your site.

Don’t forget to check out this special offer by Blue Host, free website domain and hosting for just $3.95 per month.

  1. Spend less

Ok so maybe spending less doesn’t qualify as a way to make MORE money but you’ll be amazed how much you can save when you really put your mind to it. There is no better way to optimize your income than to spend less.

Start by listing out all your expenses from most to least important without noting the cost. A lot of people keep a bunch of unimportant expenses because, “it’s just a few bucks extra each month.” By listing out your expenses and seeing which are really least important, you can start to chip away at the little costs that add up.

I put together a list of 20 saving tips that add up to $7,500 a year on PeerFinance101.

More Ways to Make More Money…but with a Little More Work

If you really want to reach financial independence, you’ll need a little more than the average part-time job. You’re going to need to build your skills in something to the point people are paying you more than peanuts for your time. All of these jobs can start making more money in a month but it will take a little longer to really start seeing cash flow.

  1. Write and sell eBooks

This is another big money-maker for me, bringing in more than $10,000 over the last year. Publishing your own book has never been easier. With sites like Amazon, you can write your own eBook and sell it online to the world. All you need is a good idea and the discipline it takes to sit down and write enough content for an eBook.

The best part about self-publishing to make more money is that if you have a blog then you’ve already got all the content you need. You just need to clean it up, add a little extra and publish.

how to make more money in a month

  1. Restore and sell old furniture

Are you a crafty individual with a creative mind? Vintage furniture and items in general have become very trendy over the last few years and the best part is, you don’t have to have a big, fancy store to be a part of this multimillion dollar a year business.

On a daily basis, people throw away sofas, chairs and all kinds of furniture on the street curbs and all these items need is a second chance. Pick up something you see has potential, clean up, paint, restore and sell. Restaurant owners, interior decorators and many other possible customers are constantly looking for articles to perk up their places.

  1. Start a Catering Business

If you have any cooking skills at all, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be profiting from that. People often need somebody to provide their parties with delicious, fresh food at reasonable prices, and the menus of most food-chains are losing the battle to the healthier life-style and better eating habits that have been taking over the world.

Create your own menu for birthdays, weddings and other social events and start making money from your inner chef.

  1. Freelance

This is kind of the catch-all way to make more money and something we’ve covered on the blog. I started freelancing nearly a decade ago and have built it into my single largest source of income.

You can freelance just about anything, from the routine tasks that nobody wants to do to the skilled work that only you can do well. Are you a good graphic designer, a good writer, a photographer or an expert in any field? Many companies out there are constantly looking for people to do specific, temporary tasks.

The money you make will depend on the duration of the job and skills required, but many of these allow you to work from the comfort of your own home! This guide for different jobs you can freelance and nine websites to find jobs will get you started.

  1. Start a YouTube channel

Stop spending hours watching videos on YouTube and start making them. If you have interesting thoughts or funny material you think you can share with the world, YouTube is the platform to do it. As with blogging, it can be frustrating getting started and building an audience but there are a lot of channels that get well into the millions of views every month.

  1. There’s no place like home…to sell

Becoming a real estate agent is one of the lowest cost jobs to get into but can pay big money. This one will take you more than a month to make more money but it’s been the road to fortune for many more people than some of the other ideas on the list.

My recommendation, don’t shove a house down somebody’s throat just so you can collect the commission. There is no greater investment for your professional future than to make sure your clients are happy and satisfied with your counseling. It is the only way they will ever recommend you or seek your assistance for future investments.

You probably won’t have the time or the energy to try all of these, but there must be something on this list that you can do to make more money. Take your chance, the money is out there, all you have to do is go and get it!

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