If there’s one thing that science fiction has taught us, it’s that you don’t mess with aliens. From intergalactic empires to ancient gods in hiding, extraterrestrials can often give as much as they get— if not more! Whether they come from distant galaxies or are right next door to us, alien species might have vastly differing tech levels and powers. Here we take a look at some of the most powerful alien species in sci-fi TV shows, movies, and video games: let’s all hope our future encounters with extraterrestrial beings prove less hostile than these!

1. Spiders and Snakes, from Fritz Leiber’s Change War Series

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One user shared, “The Spiders and The Snakes from Fritz Leiber’s Change War stories. No human has ever seen any member of either race. They are fighting a war that is ongoing on all planets in the Universe, and that started with the Big Bang and goes beyond the end of time. Each side wants to rewrite all history in the entire multiverse.”

Another user replied, “Sounds like Xeelee.”

One commenter added, “Fantastic story that I wish had more books. Rare to get sci-fi with a theater production theme AND locker room mystery.” 

2. The Q, from Star Trek

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One Redditor shared, “I’ll throw two into the ring: The Q, from Star Trek, is effectively godlike, unconstrained by time, space, or the laws of physics as we know them. The Xeelee, the Baryonic Lords, are nigh-all-powerful. They utilized extensive time travel technology to populate the Universe with themselves, starting from the Big Bang and eventually escaping our Universe into others.

“(Their foes, the Photino Birds, defeated them—but they seem to have no technology nor the ability to travel through time. I’m not even sure if they’re sentient beings or more akin to animals—though the fact that they still formed the entire Universe to fit their life cycle and intentionally destroyed Boulder’s Ring seems to suggest the ability to plan and execute those plans, on a billion+ year timeline.).”

One user replied, “As dark matter beings, baryonic matter is just ants to them. It’s less ‘all that has to go’ and more ‘let’s get rid of that infestation.'”

3. Forerunners, from Halo

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“Halo has the Forerunners. For an approximate idea of power level. They power all their technology with vacuum energy. They built a solar system-sized Dyson sphere that can be compressed utilizing an alternate dimension to about 1 meter in diameter. They built whole planets and moved stars.

“The flagship of their fleet, Mantle’s Approach, took two 2.1 million megaton kinetic impactor rounds that barely poked a hole in the hull that self-repair mechanisms fixed in seconds. Its main gun was ‘adapted from planet cracking siege platforms.’ They were masters of their own genetics, too, rewriting themselves into new ‘forms’ throughout their lives.

“With the assistance of advanced armor, they were biologically immortal and had no need to sleep. Perhaps their most “powerful” accomplishment is, of course, the Halo Array, a series of 7 10,000km diameter ringworlds capable of sterilizing the entire galaxy of life in an instant.

“Halo also has the Precursors, which predated the Forerunners. While their technology is primarily unknown, it’s been stated it is based on ‘neural physics,’ the concept that inanimate matter and thought are inextricably linked and that the Universe itself is a living entity. What relics they left were essentially indestructible, most notably Star Roads.

“These were many kilometers thick cables that stretched between planets and even linked separate star systems together. Described as being ‘anchored in the deepest layers of unreality,’ the star roads visible in real space were mere shadows of their exotic neural physics construction woven between dimensions,” shared one user. 

4. C’tan, from Warhammer 40,000

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One user added, “C’tan from Warhammer 40k is pretty busted. Each of them is connected to an intrinsic aspect of reality, and they have night-unlimited power, even shattered into fragments of themselves.”

One user posted, “Given that the old Necron broke and enslaved them, I’d say that War in Heaven Necrons are also absurdly powerful.”

Another user added, “Yeah, but the Necrons were only able to do it because of power taken from the Ctan and because the Ctan were weakened by infighting and the Old Ones.”

5. The Beyonders, from Marvel

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One Redditor added, “The Beyonders from Marvel are pretty powerful. They were so strong. Doom needed to build a bomb of one of the strongest reality warpers in the Universe and reset the multiverse.”

Another user commented, “Not one of them; he used thousands of Molecule Men from different universes, made a ball with them, and detonated them all at once.”

6. Time Lords

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One user shared, “Time Lords are pretty powerful.”

One user replied, “I’d say Daleks are superior; if it weren’t for the Doctor, the Time Lords would have been wiped out.”

“If it weren’t for the Doctor, Rassilon would have used the Final Sanction to rip the Time Vortex apart and destroy the whole of reality, which would have enabled the Time Lords to shed their corporeal forms and ascend into acausal beings of pure consciousness alone. However, the Daleks were indeed winning the Time War up until that point. Still, Gallifrey would have won the conflict if it hadn’t been for the Tenth Doctor’s and the Master’s interference in The End of Time,” another user commented.

One Redditor replied, “The Time Lords still have more power and hax at their disposal, just that the Daleks got the advantage with a surprise attack that made them immune to their go-to time erasure.

“After all, the Time Lords were holding back since, up until the end, they still wanted to save the Universe. They, too, could have built a reality bomb if they wished; they never dared to use the moment; they were gonna use the final sanction, and seeing how it was a time lord that created the Flux and the Daleks had no counter to that, they could have used that too.

“So, it was a combination of surprise attack, unwillingness to commit, and continuously underestimating the Daleks that caused the Time Lords almost to lose.”

7. Zeno Sama, from Dragon Ball

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One user added, “Nah, they are petty insects. Zeno Sama can erase entire universes at will.”

Another user replied, “Was it ever specified whether Zeno belonged to a race or was he just a divine creature?”

“Well, he’s not from Earth, so he’s surely an alien. Divine or not, I think it fits the alien concept,” one Redditor commented. 

8. Lovecraftian Creatures

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“Lovecraftian, aka cosmic horrors, are pretty much unparalleled in power,” one user added.

Another user replied, “The outer Gods are technically aliens, but each of them is vastly different and hard to quantify as a ‘species.'”

9. Trisolarans, from Three-Body Problem

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One Redditor shared, “The [trisolarans] from the three-body problems. Literally, quantum entanglement communication and the teardrop terrifies me.”

Another user replied, “I would actually give the other hunters in the dark forest an example.”

One commenter said, “Weren’t they the ones who destroyed spatial dimensions to vanquish their enemies?”

10. Species 8472, from Star Trek: Voyager

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“Species 8472 is pretty [great],” one user shared.

A user commented, “I came here to say this. Any species that can force the Borg to make an alliance is a force to be reckoned with.”

Another user added, “One of the most interesting aliens from Star Trek, IMO. Especially due to the way all their tech is biological, like how their ships are basically animals. BTW, it’s not true canon, but the game Star Trek Online named them the Undine.”

One user added, “I’m surprised at how little treatment [8472] was given. The cannon is just tiny. I know the foreign-universe-ness and our lack of understanding of them is a big part of their charm, but I would love a deeper exploration of the buggers. The whole ‘fluidic space’ thing is left almost entirely to the imagination. There couldn’t be any gravity, obviously. How does physics work there? I believe they are the only species in their universe. Did they wipe everyone out recently, or did they evolve as apex predators without any prey?”

Do you agree with the names listed above? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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