Feathered Sweethearts: Meet the World’s Most Loveable Birds

If you love birds, you’re not alone. Birds bring us joy with their bright colors and sweet melodies—and our friends on Reddit seem to agree. In fact, a recent survey found that these 12 magnificent feathered friends consistently topped the list as the most lovable birds around! From stunning parrots to majestic eagles, let’s take a look at what made these birds some of our favorites!

1. Cardinals

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One user said, “Have you guys ever stopped to look at a cardinal? They’re incredible. That pointed crest is adorable.”

Another user replied, “Just saw my first male. He was absolutely stunning.”

“I find both sexes to be mesmerizing. The female’s mottled plumage and blood-orange beak are so pretty. The males are definitely more eye-catching, though. I see them occasionally in the peach tree outside my window in early springtime. Always gets a smile out of me,” a third Redditor responded. 

One commenter added, “Ever see a cardinal in the winter? The bright red stands out in a field of white snow. Truly beautiful.” 

2. Pelicans

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One of the Redditors added, “I enjoy a good pelican.”

Another user shared his story, “When I first got married, my Mom bought me this weird pelican statue as a wedding present. It’s way outside her norm for gift-giving, so I thought she was joking. Ever since then, my late husband and I would buy her something pelican related every year since she suddenly seemed to like them so much.”

“They look nearly prehistoric. I surf, and they skim the waves in formation, flowing around the lineup of people. Really crazy beings… if you’re able to let go of your familiarity with seeing them for a moment, they look like g-dd-mn dinosaurs,” one replied.

3. Penguins

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One Redditor said simply, “Penguins.”

Another user replied, “You just instantly reminded me of this penguin named Lala I saw on YouTube recently. What a nice bird.”

“Penguins are my favorite all-time animal to the point where, upon seeing the favorite bird question, I simply skipped penguins because, in my mind, they don’t count as birds; they’re just penguins-my-favorite-animal. Anyways, seconded,” one user agreed. 

4. Ravens

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One Redditor commented, “Raven.”

Another user replied, “Seconded.”

“There’s a cute young raven that visits my alleyway sometimes. He took a Dorito from us once,” one commenter shared. 

5. Chickadees

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“Chickadee,” exclaimed one Redditor.

Another user added, “They have a lot more personality than many songbirds and are quite intelligent. Their warning call even says something about the type of danger. And they’ll stick around through winter while most of the other birds migrate. And I love how they grab one sunflower seed and fly off to a nearby tree to eat it, while other birds are more boring and just sit at the feeder shelling them.”

“Not only just grabbing a single seed, but they’ll take turns and even kinda line up, each one flying one spot closer as the bird at the head grabs a seed and flies off,” replied one user. 

One user concluded, “I love chickadees! They are so small and round, and their call is super identifiable.”

6. Hummingbirds

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One Redditor shared, “Hummingbirds.”

A second replied, “So cool. Like there is the only thing that has adapted to move in all dimensions in the blink of an eye, no other fish or land animal can move anywhere near as precise or quickly. They’re the second fastest animal of any kind next to a falcon, even if they can only go that fast for like 2-3 seconds, but then they can also just stop on a dime. From a movement standpoint, by far the coolest animal.”

One user also agreed, “They’re magical!”

7. Crows

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“Personally, I love Crows. They’re underrated,” one user posted.

Another user also commented, “I’m not sure I would say they are underrated. They have huge followings and fans.”

One user also commented, “Compared to most other bird species, not really [underrated]. Long-tailed tit is underrated, as are hooded mergansers, pied-billed grebes, and Wilson’s phalaropes—amazing birds that aren’t likely to be known by the average non-birder. Crows are super rad, and I love them, but they are a pretty popular bird.” 

8. Cedar Waxwings

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Another bird enthusiast user commented, “Cedar waxwing.”

One user also shared a story about them, “We have a serviceberry tree in our yard, and every year when the berries ripen, the migrating cedar waxwings stop for a few days. They will clean the tree of berries. I absolutely love watching them from my kitchen window. Such beautiful birds!”

One user concluded, “So very dapper.”

9. Blue Jays

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An ornithologist posted, “Ornithologist (bird scientist) here! I like Blue Jays (Cyanocitta cristata); their plumage is beautiful, they are intelligent songbirds (all of the Corvidae are smart birds), and they love peanuts! They are a bit loud but mimic other birds (sometimes mincing hawks to scare small birds away from feeders).”

Another user confirmed, “We have a bird feeder. The Blue Jays will mimic a hawk cry to scare off the other birds from the feeder before flying in.”

10. Ospreys

Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

“Osprey. One dived into the water less than 20 feet away from me; very, very cool,” one user commented.

Another user shared, “There are wetlands near where I work, and at the moment, Ospreys are nesting. They predict the eggs will hatch in the next 3 weeks or so.”

One Redditor exclaimed, “Ospreys are one of my favorites too!”

11. Grackles

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One user posted, “The grackle. The male is pretty in the sun, and they remind me of the zoo.”

Another user commented, “Oh, but have you been amidst a flock of grackles? They are LOUD.”

A third replied, “I like seeing the absolute hordes of them at dusk each night. In my area, you can usually find hundreds/thousands of bedding down for the night in some places (esp., grocery store parking lots with decent numbers of trees). It’s a nightly spectacle.”

12. Vultures

Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

A Redditor shared, “I love vultures. Especially turkey vultures, since they’re common in my area. They are seen as ugly and gross because they eat dead things, but I find them to be really beautiful when I see them soaring in the sky because their wings can look iridescent black in the sunlight. They live in huge family groups, so when it’s breeding season, there are tons of them. And to top it off, they do a very important job in the environment by taking care of the dead carcasses.”

Another user exclaimed, “I was looking for this answer. Vultures do their part AND look cool doing it.”

One user also shared the same sentiments and commented, “Oh boy, I love buzzards. I find them imposing and beautiful. They don’t like to be stared at, and they will either fly off or make their wings into long fingers and shake them at you. They are so fantastic, soaring in circles in the sky; I always think, ‘I wish I could do that.’

Do you agree with all the birds listed above? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Reddit.

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