Beyond the Ordinary: Unexplained and Peculiar Memories of the Human Mind

Do you ever suddenly remember the strangest thing that happened to you, and then wonder what the strange memories other people might have? We all have strange moments in life, and it’s natural to recollect them occasionally. But thanks to modern technology, we can now look back at some truly bizarre memories other people have shared across the web. From eating raw spaghetti on a dare to discovering an original piece of artwork hidden in a pizza crust, these stories are sure to leave you perplexed but also yearning for more. 

1. Duck Struck by Lightning

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One Redditor said, “I saw a duck get struck by lightning. No one else was around. I wasn’t on any drugs that would make me see something that didn’t happen, but there was no f-ing way that happened. It was over the water, so if it did happen, I have no idea what became of the duck.”

Another user replied, “I was driving down the road in a commercial area and saw a lightning strike. It was so blinding I couldn’t see what was hit. Plus, I was driving and needed to pay attention to that. I did try to see where the strike had hit as I went by and couldn’t see any damage.

“Everything looked so normal that it made me wonder if there had been a strike or maybe it had been farther away than I thought. I was curious, so I went around the block to circle back to where I thought the strike was. The second time I went around, I still couldn’t see any damage, but there were a bunch of fire trucks in the parking lot where I had thought I’d seen the strike. Never did figure out what actually happened.

“Relatively related, I had this experience a few years ago where I played my old N64 during a thunderstorm in the living room. I was going through a strong nostalgia fit and wanted to play Mario 64 again.

“Turn around at JUST the right time, and see lightning strike just outside my front porch, literally feet from my home. If you’ve never been right next to a lightning strike, it’s nothing like you can ever imagine. Imagine one of those “close strike” sound effects in games, but then crank the volume up to ear-damaging levels.

“Anyways, the wild part of this story is the fact we had a full gaming PC connected to a surge protector and backup battery that was fried entirely, a TV that was destroyed in the storm, and my N64, which was over 20 years old by this point and had seen nonstop use over a majority of those years, which was connected to the very same TV that died, came out completely unscathed. I don’t know if it’s a testament to 1990s engineering or just blind luck, but I swear to god that thing is invincible,” added one user.

“I was in my house, and lightning struck a tree 20ish feet away from me. I swear, I could have seen the bones in my hand through my skin if I had been looking. Afterward, you feel supercharged!” one Redditor added.

2. The Giant Beetle

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One Redditor commented, “Family friends went camping with my family when I was around 7 in Eastern WA. Their daughter was also 7 and my sister 5. We were playing on this sand hill, and this giant beetle ant-looking thing, bigger than a football, came crawling out of the sand, turned around, and went right back into the sand and was gone. This was fresh water, and we crabbed/clammed, so I know it wasn’t either of those. In my memory, it was a giant beetle/ant thing.

“20 years later, I finally asked my sister and family friend’s daughter if they remembered anything weird from that trip, and they immediately said the beetle. For 20 years, I thought I had dreamt that or made it up. We hadn’t talked about it since we left camping so long ago. Still no idea what it was.”

Another user replied, “Any chance it was one of these massive [mean beetles]? I hate them. One chased me. They’re called giant water bugs or toe biters, they get huge, and they’re ugly. Best part? They fly and sound like helicopters.”

3. The Protective Cat

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A cat owner shared, “I woke up in the middle of the night and saw my cat doing that arch thing on her back that cats do when they are scared. I turned and looked ahead and saw a man sitting on the foot of my bed. He looked at me, puffed his cigar, and disappeared. This was so long ago, but it felt so real at that time. Now I look back on it and can’t possibly think that it really happened.” 

One user replied, “Yo, it’s like that scene in polar express with the hobo on top of the train; he took a big whiff of whatever he was smoking and faded away.” 

“Kitty was in protective mode! They didn’t like the ghost watching you sleep (that is so unnerving),” commented another user. 

4. Memories That Didn’t Happen

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“I’ve posted this before; maybe not what you’re looking for, but it still blows my mind 35 years later. The psychology of memory just fascinates me. I’ve always had a distinct memory of sitting in my 11th-grade English class and discussing the Pan Am bombing over Lockerbie. Our teacher was awesome, but it was unusual that we spent almost the entire period talking about this tragedy.

“To my shock, I only realized a few years ago that the bombing took place two years after I would have been in that class. The memory is just so distinct, remembering what the teacher said, what others said, just so weird. I don’t know how to make sense of this,” one user shared. 

Another user replied, “I have some weird memories like this, too, where the timeline doesn’t make sense. I think our minds just jumble up different memories. But it’s disconcerting because I remember these things vividly and am sure they happened, but I know logically that they did not. It makes me distrustful of all of my memories… And others’ too. If you think too deeply about it, it really f’s you up. Like, what even are memories?”

5. Human Flight

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A user shared, “I grew up in South Los Angeles. I spent a lot of time as a kid (middle school age, around 11 or 12) at an Auntie’s house. They had this little [yard] beside the house with one of those playground swing sets that my cousin and I would spend a lot of time playing on. We had this game where we would swing as high as we could and then jump off the swing and strike superhero poses in the air. We were really into DBZ, so most of our poses were Goku stuff. Since we usually jumped at the apex of our swings, our trajectory was like the letter u, but upside down, if that makes sense. Like a lot of height but not very much distance. I hope I explained that well because it is important later.

“Side note, this ‘side yard’ was about half the length of a football field, maybe, and on the opposite end of the swing set was a small, ugly tree that my older cousin hung a heavy bag to practice his boxing. The distance between the swing set and the heavy bag was about 40-50ft(?)

“Anyway, this particular time, I was playing alone because my cousin was inside doing something. I remember doing a few jumps but not really being too into it because I was always a bit more of a scaredy cat than my cousin. However, I somehow decided I would try for a big jump, the kind we usually took, even though I was on my own. So I swung as hard as I could gain speed and height, but when I finally let go, I remember not going up in the air but just straight. I went straight all the way to the heavy bag. I collided with it. I weighed maybe 90/100lbs at this point, but I had just ‘flown’ from the swing set into the heavy bag at the end of the yard. I was winded from hitting the thing so hard, and I actually had to double over and catch my breath. It’s this apparent memory I have of ‘flying.’ I remember flailing my arms and legs while I was in midair; I must have looked like a flying doll of some sort. Anyway, idk if that qualifies, but that’s the closest thing to a memory I really am unsure was real or not. I’d like to keep believing I ‘flew’ through.”

Another user replied, “You were on the verge of discovering ki manipulation.”

6. Bunny Kick

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A user posted, “In college, I saw a rabbit attack a girl who was walking in front of me on the sidewalk. No one else was around. It ran out of a bush and up her legs to her chest and literally ‘bunny kicked’ her by thumping her chest insanely fast. She was screaming and flailing, and once it stopped, her hair was sticking up everywhere. Felt like I was in a cartoon.”

Another user asked, “Maybe it had rabies? Rabies tends to make animals lose their fear of humans and get aggressive.”

“God, Rabies genuinely f-ing scares me. Just knowing there’s this terrible, awful incurable disease with a 100% mortality rate that you could have for months and months without ever knowing and that once you see symptoms and know it’s rabies, [IT’S OVER]. It’s not even like cancer where you’re most likely [done for], like no, you are dead. There’s no hope and no way to have known.”, added one user. 

The original commenter responded, “I never thought of that! I thought it maybe had a nest under that bush we walked past. Either way, it was bizarre, and I’ll never forget it.”

7. A Visit From ET

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One Redditor posted, “My first memory is of being in the crib and seeing ET walk into my bedroom. I remember the fear and how I screamed and cried. A few years later, I was playing on the floor and found a box under my bed. It was one of those 80s Halloween masks of ET. I remember my brain putting 2 and 2 together and realizing it was my older brother wearing the mask. He loved to scare me. I still hate that alien.”

Another user replied, “ET is creepy and ugly.”

Another one responded, “Hey, I did this to my sister when I was 7, except it was a generic gray mask, purple robe, and replica Han Solo blaster from star wars. Oh, also, my sister was a grown adult, 30 years older than me. She screamed and woke the whole house up… As I did then, I maintain that it was a good bit.”

8. The Prank

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A user shared his story, “Ok, this definitely happened, but it’s pretty surreal. My parents were hippies; their friends were hippies and bikers, and weirdos. In the late 1970s, a lot of this gang of potheads were also scientists and creative types.

I must have been 6 or 7, and it was the last weekend before Xmas. My parents sent me into town (about a mile away) with a shopping list of a couple of things to get. In the town square were the big Xmas tree and the Xmas shoppers. Two bears (well, men in bear costumes) were jumping around, giving out sweets, and, for want of a better word, ‘frolicking.’

“I was interested but had a mission and needed to get the things on the list. I finished shopping and walked back across the square. The bears were still goofing around, but I had to get home. My parents had told me not to mess about it. Walking home through the Xmas shoppers, I noticed the bears were now walking about 100 meters behind me, still giving sweets and Xmas tidings.

“These bear costumes weren’t cute cartoon getups but ragged theatrical costumes with teeth, claws, and real-looking fur: less yogi and boo-boo and more Victorian nightmare fuel.

“I keep walking, and they are still behind me, traveling in the same direction; I cross the road to see if they follow, but they don’t; they just walk parallel to me on the other side of the road. As I get near my estate, I have to cross back to their side, so I run diagonally across the road to get ahead of them, then sprint for home. I swear I hear them calling me.

“I hear them running too, so I try to lose them; I cut through a hedge, then garden hopped to my own back garden, where I enter my home through the back door. My parents are sitting with the bears in the kitchen. Bear heads removed two of their biker friends with a Xmas present for me. They had concocted the whole ruse the night before and hadn’t counted on me being as mission-focused as I was. I was supposed to be given the present in the town square and have some kind of magical memory…instead, I had a dry run of how to escape child abduction.”

One user replied, “This is great. Poor little, you are in this nightmare situation, and these two are trying to do something nice, but it goes haywire, and now they’re too deep.”

9. Visit From the Ninja Turtles

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One user shared, “I have this memory. I followed my older cousin to some wooded area with this chain-linked fence. I had to be about 5 years old. We met up with her friend, who took us to this part of the broken fence. Then the ninja turtles came out from the fence and hung out with us. I remember feeling very in awe of the situation… just amazed to be graced by the presence of THE ninja turtles. I’ve asked my cousin about this way later in life, and she has no idea what I’m talking about. But this memory is super vivid in my mind.”

Another commenter replied, “What a rad memory!”

One Redditor added, “Reminds me of a recurring dream I had involving my walking with my little cousin through the woods behind our grandparents’ house to get to a cemetery. I had that dream so many times throughout my life that I could probably walk to the cemetery with my eyes closed… that is, if such a cemetery ever existed in the first place.” 

10. The Hat Man

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“It’s a vivid memory—I was on the sofa, and I saw a man in a mask and a hat at our door—it wasn’t Halloween, but the guy wasn’t human at all—his shape was very odd, and he moved very slowly, and his eyes were bright orange—I was terrified. My parents said I screamed murder for over an hour (I was about 4 years old). I am sure it was not real—maybe a waking dream of some kind, but it never happened again—just a very odd childhood occurrence I have no explanation for,” one user shared.

Another commenter replied, “Sounds like The Hat Man!”

One Redditor added, “Hatman seems to be pretty much The Grundel from the Ghostbusters cartoon. I don’t have any childhood memories/dreams of seeing it, but I remember that he was by far the scariest ghost in that cartoon. I wonder if there’s something about that general shape that sets off alarm bells in the minds of children.”

One also added, “… what is the hat man? The only time I’ve ever been afraid of living alone was one year right after college. One night I woke up in my apartment and swore I saw a man in a big hat standing in my bedroom doorway. It was like a 10-gallon hat or cowboy hat – this was in the desert, so that it might explain that part.

“Anyway, I woke up with the most intense feeling of terror I’ve ever had and could not sleep. Of course, it was gone by then. But I checked all the closets and rooms and was CERTAIN someone was inside. It happened once or twice more before I moved out. Never had it happen again.” 

Do you also have some experiences that you want to share? Let us know in the comments! 

Source: Reddit.

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