10 Actors and Actresses People Cannot Stand Regardless of Talent

Are there any actors or actresses that you dislike for no real reason? You've got company. Someone recently asked, “Who’s an actor or actress you cannot stand regardless of talent?” Here are the top-voted celebrities.

1. Rebel Wilson

“I don't know anything about her as a person, but I can't STAND Rebel Wilson. Her humor and acting style are so grating to me—I don't know if it's her actual humor or just the roles she's been pigeonholed into, but I always think her characters are so annoying,” someone shared.

2. Lena Dunham

“Lena Dunham. I didn't like her before the whole book confession thing. So that just solidified it for me,” replied one. “I know I've seen her in things. But I absolutely cannot ever picture her. At all,” another suggested. “That is because she is entirely unmemorable, and you are probably better for it,” a third person replied.

3. Demi Lovato

“I wish Demi Lovato would get help and step out of the limelight. They keep going through this cycle, claiming they're better, and it's not like the last time they did a documentary about getting clean. They were lying then; this is for real, guys!! Your ego is out of control. Get real help,” another suggested.

4. The Pinkett-Smith Clan

“It's all four of them! Whenever I see an ad for Red Table Talk, I have to ask myself, WHO THE HECK still wants to hear anything this woman and her deranged family have to say? They feel more like pod people than a family,” one person declared.

5. Cara Delevingne

“Takes a lot for me to hate a person. But I'm just baffled that she still gets work. At least when Megan Fox got work, I understood why. She was ridiculously hot. This girl is pretty but isn't a knockout by actress standards. I just don't get it,” said one.

6. Andy Dick

“He's like a real-life version of Roger from American Dad, except in real life, people get hurt by his actions, thus making him an actual piece of human garbage and not just an entertaining character,” someone suggested.

7. Dwayne Johnson

“He plays the same character in all his movies,” replied one. “It would be fun to see if he could step outside the box and do some Shakespeare or something, though. It's always surprising when actors you don't expect are fantastic in a good Shakespeare production,” another shared.

8. Steven Seagal

Another shared, “He derailed his career with the Glimmer Man – it was terrible, and the other actors started to hate him. Kelly LeBrock divorced him around the same time and exposed him for not being the remarkable person he was in the movies.”

“His strange personality became a liability instead of an asset. He was a pro athlete (Aikido Instructor) who let himself get out of shape once he hit it big. His fame rose very fast and crashed spectacularly.”

9. Jason Alexander

“My mother despised him as well. She always said he's such a slimy person. I used to tell her that was the George Costanza character he was playing on Seinfeld and not him. He does it so well that she hates the actor and the character. You know you are a great actor when you can make people hate you too,” someone declared.

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10. Ellen DeGeneres

“I never liked her stand-up and didn't care for her sitcom. I watched a few segments of her talk show and was not too fond of it either. It has a slightly mean edge,” one stated.

“She is more than slightly mean. For example, she tried to force Mariah Carey to admit she was pregnant on the show when Mariah didn't want to announce it yet,” a final user commented.

Source: Reddit

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