Do you ever find yourself wasting hours scrolling through endless TV listings, trying to decide the best show to watch when relaxing after a hard day? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the top 12 greatest shows of all time, so whether it’s animation, drama, comedy, or science fiction that takes your fancy, there’s sure to be something on this list for everyone. Sit back and get ready to marvel at some true classics!

1. Band of Brothers

Photo Credit: HBO.

One Redditor posted, “I don’t even really know how to start making judgments like that. Like greatest in what sense? Anyway, I do feel that if you have the conversation, Band of Brothers should be part of it.”

Another commenter replied, “Definitely deserves to be included. But then we have to ask: where do we draw the line? Band of Brothers was a miniseries, not a show. I wouldn’t consider it in the same realm. It also probably connects with a different group of people, so I don’t think objectively it’s the greatest of all time. But damn, is it something!”

“Boy, is it still fun at times considering … everything. Even ‘the heavy episode(s)’ includes fun moments, and it’s so bleak at times it’s straightforward to understand how there’s a lot of very real if very temporary levity through many of the middle episodes,” one user added.

2. Chernobyl

Photo Credit: HBO.

“Just to add one, I have not seen a comment. Chernobyl. For what it is, it is amazing and impossible to look away from,” added one user.

Another user replied, “An extraordinary series. Jared Harris deserved a dumpster truck full of awards for that one.”

“It definitely is good,” one commenter replied.

Another Redditor added, “I can’t get over how much I enjoyed it.” 

3. The Wire

Photo Credit: HBO.

“The wire,” one user posted.

Another user exclaimed, “Oh, indeed.”

One Reddit commented, “The Wire broke the scale for me. Shows I used to think of as a 10 suddenly either had to be downgraded to, at best, a 7.5, or I needed to just not ever compare anything to The Wire.”

One commenter added, “First watch through… ‘Season 2 is [crap].’ Second watch through… ‘Season 2 is a Shakespearean masterpiece!'”

Another user concluded, “All the pieces matter.”

4. The Sopranos

Photo Credit: Chase Films.

One Redditor added to the thread, “The Sopranos. It laid the groundwork for all the big shows that followed. It’s truly the greatest of all time.”

Another user shared, “Listen to him; he knows everything.”

One commenter quoted, “I don’t write nothin’ down, so I’ll keep this short and sweet. You’re weak. You’re outta control. And you’ve become an embarrassment to yourself and everybody else.”

One Redditor cheered and commented, “Best.Intervention.Evar.”

5. The X-Files

Photo Credit: Ten Thirteen Productions.

“X-Files,” one Redditor added.

Another user replied, “I remember watching the first season and not being very impressed. Does it ramp up a bit and finish strong or fizzle out?”

One user commented, “It fizzles out, but I just enjoy the dynamic between the two leads and their boss.”

Another user replied, “Ah, that’s too bad. I remember liking the concept but not being a fan of the execution, I was hoping to revisit it at some point, but I’m a bit tired of shows that don’t seem to know where they’re going.” 

6. West Wing

Photo Credit: NBC.

One user shared, “West wing.”

Another commenter replied, “Obviously! Special mention to Sports Night and Studio 60. Anything Sorkin writes is amazing. Honorable mention for incredibly well-written shows goes to ‘Moonlighting.'”

“Can’t believe I had to scroll down so far for this… But an unbelievably amazing show. Got me out of some pretty down times. I love returning to it. The latter half of season 2 is probably the best television series ever written,” another user answered.

One Redditor responded, “I absolutely love The West Wing, but if I’m being 100% honest, I’m half surprised on the principle that it wasn’t canceled after ‘The Jackal.’ Sorry, but that one scene might have been the worst but of television I’ve ever seen. Otherwise love pretty much the whole series, but that one scene was a massive steaming pile.”

7. Futurama

Photo Credit: 20th Television.

“Futurama,” one user posted.

Another replied, “Yes, the original 4.”

“I scrolled too far to find this answer. It’s still my favorite animated show,” one commenter said.

Another user confirmed, “Best animated show for sure.”

One user concluded, “Few cartoons have made me bawl like a little baby with the story, but the finale of Futurama is one of those. Honestly, I would rather have seen this go longer than the Simpsons.”

8. Mad Men

Photo Credit: Lionsgate Productions.

One user added, “Mad Men for me.”

Another user replied, “Same for me. The acting is top-notch, and the story lines are masterful, especially considering how they fit the changing times the show is set in. I think it’s a masterpiece.”

One Redditor confirmed, “I had to scroll way too far down to find this. Mad Men is perfect.”

“Yes! So many layers to this show. Great ensemble cast!” another commenter exclaimed. 

9. Better Call Saul

Photo Credit: Netflix.

“Better Call Saul,” one Redditor added.

Another user exclaimed, “It’s a tough question, but this is also my go-to answer.”

One user then raised pointers, “Better Call Saul was the better show in the Breaking Bad universe, but it’s hard to see why it’s better unless you analyze every single bit of subtext and understand the complex relationships and dialogue in that show. Jimmy is an unreliable narrator, but we see all of the stories through his eyes, so it’s very easy to glance over some of the important plot points. Some of the most important parts of the show are the ones people always miss…

“Jimmy didn’t want to become Saul. He was forced into the persona by both his cartel connections and his brother. Chuck was the one that forced HHM not to hire Jimmy as a lawyer, not Howard. Howard was innocent and just got caught up in Jimmy’s revenge plans because he was always the messenger of bad news. Chuck hated Jimmy, but Jimmy loved Chuck. He wanted Chuck to get better and defended him to the end of the earth.

“All Jimmy ever wanted was to have a good relationship with his brother. We see this in the episode where they analyzed the Sandpiper documents together. Kim was Jimmy’s enabler. While their relationship seemed perfect, they were poison for each other because they both had that devious side that fueled their mischief. Mike was never a ‘good guy.’ His only redeeming quality was his ability to find the underdog and help them to the best of his ability, like Jesse in Breaking Bad and Nacho in Better Call Saul.

“Gus is scared. He was never the ‘Perfect villain’ that people see him as. He had a network of bodyguards, fixers, and hitmen do all of his work while he hid away in a safe house. He was afraid to get his hands dirty.” 

10. Taxi

Photo Credit: StudioCanal.

One user shared, “Old… but Taxi.”

Another Redditor quoted, “What does a yellow light mean?”

“Slow down,” replied a third user.

Another user again added, “What. does..a.. yellow.. light. Mean?”

One commenter added, “And Christopher Lloyd’s face when he eats the pot brownies.”

Another user confirmed, “I haven’t gotten around to watching Taxi, but my dad, who was always a pretty straight-laced guy, could not stop laughing when talking about this scene.”

Another user added, “All episodes are available on Paramount+. That episode was Christopher Lloyd’s first. The story behind the scene was that they were told to keep going until one of the actors broke.”

11. Twin Peaks

Photo Credit: American Broadcasting Company,.

One posted, “Twin peaks.”

Another user added, “This should be higher up. The first season was utterly amazing. The studio should’ve let Lynch continue to do his thing. The reveal distinctly changed the show, and I’m still undecided if it was for the better.”

12. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Photo Credit: Mutant Enemy Productions.

“Buffy the vampire slayer,” commented one user.

One added, “Definitely one of the best series ever.” Another responded, “Absolutely nothing else with 7 seasons on Network tv comes close. HBO has great miniseries but 10 or fewer episodes on a huge budget is much easier than 144 episodes on a network budget.”

Another responded, “Agreed. The brilliance of the show was one of the first *dramedies* to break free of the weekly episodes (or Monster of the Week season 1) and branch into long arch character-driven writing (1997) that was FOLLOWED by The Sopranos (1999).” 

Do you agree with the list above? Share your insights and leave a comment below!

Source: Reddit.

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