Brains and Beauty: Multi-Talented Celebrities Who Redefine Success

From film stars to activists, there’s no denying that celebrities are held as idols by millions of people. They influence our fashion choices, promote favorite causes or charities, and their opinions can even sway public sentiment. But what many don’t realize is that underneath all the glitz and glamour is often a sharp intellect—many famous faces excel in more than just red carpet moments. Keep reading to learn more about 12 prominent celebrities who have proven they have brains as well as beauty!

1. Cardi B

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One Redditor posted, “Hear me out: Cardi B. She is incredibly well versed in current events, and most of the information she disseminates is pro-people and she does so in an easy to understand way for people from all walks of life. Additionally, she is involved in her community and even donated $$$ to her underfunded middle school so the arts could have some funding.”

Another user commented, “I KNOW Cardi is smart, all the takes she shared on political/societal matters were extremely on point I thought.”

One user added, “I’ve always found her smart and entertaining, but a lot of people are unwilling to listen to people (especially Black/Afrolatina women) if they don’t meet their perceived standards for intelligence. A lot of people call her a lot of things I don’t want to repeat for her appearance and past, but she’s really smart, and she defends the right people. (Especially when she dragged Peter Gunz…).”

One commenter replied, “I have learned so much from Cardi’s interviews/lives where she talks about politics.” 

2. Ken Jeong

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One user shared, “Ken Jeong is a literal doctor.”

Another user added, “We know. He tells us every chance he gets. And it’s funny every time.”

“Agreed. Being academically talented doesn’t mean one is intelligent, at all. Having said that, I think Ken Jeong is a pretty intelligent guy,” one user replied. 

3. Natalie Portman

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One Redditor posted, “The first person that comes to mind is Natalie Portman.”

One user replied, “IIRC she was in the Galactic Senate representing Naboo back in the Republic days.”

Another user asked, “Wasn’t she a Harvard graduate?”

One user answered, “Yeah she is: she has a degree in psychology.”

4. Mayim Balik

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One Redditor shared, “Mayim Bialek is literally a neuroscientist.”

Another user added, “Fun fact—Mayim Bialek got her PhD in the same program as I did, and they provide us with the stats on what kinds of jobs grads end up getting. There is only one in the ‘actor/actress’ category.”

One commenter said, “Publishing research in the hard sciences is challenging and often requires you to jump on a project with a really good PI or lengthy postdocs to get that publication. It would make sense that an actress wouldn’t be too motivated to push for the publication of a dissertation. It can take up to a year or longer to publish the results. She’s busy doing other things.”

5. Cindy Crawford

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One user commented, “Cindy Crawford was her high school valedictorian and was majoring in biochemistry (or something similar) at Northwestern, IIRC.”

Another user added, “She had a full scholarship to Northwestern IIRC as well. I had a friend who went to high school with her in IL. She was super brainy and was valedictorian, and everyone at school was shocked to learn that she was dropping out of college to model.”

6. Hedy Lamarr

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One Redditor added, “Old Hollywood example, but Hedy Lamarr.”

Another user replied, “She was brilliant, and her frequency hopping technology was the basis for modern day wifi and Bluetooth, among other things.”

One commenter exclaimed, “And GPS!”

One user commented, “I think she wins this thread, nowadays actors/celebrities are just not on this level.”

7. Jodie Foster

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“Jodie Foster graduated magna cum laude from Yale,” one user shared.

Another commenter added, “She’s also fluent in French, but she went to a French school when she was younger.”

One Redditor confirmed, “Yeah, she spends a lot of time in France, which keeps her fluent, like properly fluent where she can have sophisticated discussions in the language. She has also made some French films. Not that being multilingual necessarily makes you super smart (in many parts of the world, it’s common to speak multiple languages), but by all accounts, JF is as comfortable in French as she is in English.”

8. Keanu Reeves

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One user posted, “Keanu Reeves. He seems like a very intelligent guy. I’ve heard him talk about stuff like AI, Deepfakes, Metaverse, etc. recently, and I also found out that he has written and published a whole book of poems. Also, he keeps dropping banger quotes like Colbert asking him ‘What happens when we die?’ and him answering, ‘The ones who love us will miss us.’ On the Drew Barrymore show, she asked him, ‘Are you a lover or fighter?’ and he replied, ‘If you can’t fight for your love, what kind of love do you have?’ He may not have the educational qualifications, but the guy clearly knows and understands life.”

Another user added, “He’s also been described as an incredible observer, listener, and deeply empathetic person.”

One user also shared, “You definitely don’t need qualifications to demonstrate intelligence: I’ve got a PhD and my sister’s a nurse, and she’s got more intelligence (and far more common sense) in her little finger than I have in my entire body.”

9. Shakira

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One Redditor added to the thread, “Shakira.”

Another user replied, “Her lyrics in Spanish were above everyone else in Latin America when she started. Her interviews were very deep, and she was just a teen. Reaching the crossover and sustaining it for so long. From a Middle Class background with no hyper-educated parents. Discovering Pique’s cheating ways with her marmalade analysis, lol. She’s really a smart*ss.”

Another confirmed, “I knew about the languages years ago but the marmalade thing is next level. That’s like the main character smart, lol.”

“Spanish, English, French, Catalan, Italian, Portuguese. She also can speak a bit of Arabic, but I don’t know how much,” added by one user.

10. Dexter Holland

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“Dexter Holland (lead singer of The Offspring) has a PhD in molecular biology from USC,” one Redditor shared.

Another user replied, “Also flies fighter jets in his spare time and has flown the band to and from gigs on more than one occasion. Dude is literally just out here doing all the side quests.”

11. Stephen Colbert

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One user shared, “Stephen Colbert is one of the smartest celebrities, in my opinion. He not only possesses a quick wit and comedic genius, but also an impressive level of emotional intelligence. Also, his extensive knowledge of Lord of the Rings is remarkable, and he has shown himself to be a true expert on the subject.”

Another added, “Yes, he’s one of my picks too! A genuine nerd (in the best possible way), and he really comes across as an intelligent person.”

“Listening to him being interviewed, you can really feel his intelligence shining through. He’s just a naturally bright and analytical person,” one user responded. 

12. Chris Pine

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One user posted, “Chris Pine, literature major.”

Another added, “He used to write erotica too. A perfect man, lol.”

“I always wonder if he’s published any of it under a pseudonym,” one user mused.

Another Redditor concluded, “Chris Pine comes off as incredibly smart in simple interviews too, and never forget his erotica writing class. I’d pay good money to read his writings.”

Do you agree with the list above? Don’t be shy! Share your thoughts below. 

Original source: Reddit.

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