We all like to have good style, and to be noticed. But sometimes, people are so eager to be cool and unique that they end up just revealing their own insecurities. It’s one thing to be interesting and have unique opinions. It’s another thing entirely to try so hard you just look desperate. We asked Redditors for the top things they’ve observed people doing to look cool that just don’t.

1. Unnecessarily Loud Cars

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One user posted, “Loud *ss car/motorcycle. You’re not impressing anyone…”

Another commenter replied, “There’s a video by some YouTube guys satirizing this. They’re sitting at home when they hear a motorcycle start up, and they run to the window to cheer them on, saying how cool it is that it’s so loud and unnecessary. It’s very funny. Can’t find it, though.” 

Another user shared, “I used to have a loud exhaust on my motorcycle, not to show off or anything but so that people could hear me. A lot of the time, people don’t see motorcyclists, and that’s how accidents happen. After I got into a close call on the highway (not speeding, someone just casually switching lanes on me), I decided to put on a loud exhaust.

“I don’t ride anymore, but when I drive my car around, if I hear a loud exhaust, I double check my mirror to see where the motorcycles are, and that’s the whole point. In the US, no driving school teaches you to watch for motorcycles. That’s something you will notice when you go to Europe, people constantly check their mirrors for motorcycles because they have been taught to do so.”

2. Disliking Trends Just to Be Unique

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One Redditor posted, “Those who think hating anything popular just because it’s popular makes them special.”

A second user added, “I swear, this is such a child mentality. Like when you’re going through your ‘Not like the other kids’ phase and think you’re so cool b\c you don’t like the popular thing, but eventually you grow out of it and realize it’s ok to like popular shit and enjoy things regardless of what other people think or like….. But, obviously, some people never grow up and grow out of it.”

One commenter replied, “And it’s ok to be an adult and like uncommon or unusual things. People also love to spit on people who like ‘alternative things.’ The goal is that you find intrinsic value and enjoyment in your choices. When people just slide into what’s popular because it’s what they’re fed, that seems insincere. But if they wear it because they see it and genuinely like it, then that’s good. and the same when flipped to ‘alternative’ styles.

But with strangers, that can be hard to read at first blush. With people you know or get to know, it’s easier. I do think it’s easier for people to swallow when other adults look more traditional than when they look unusual. But should that matter? Edit: And when I say ‘love to [spit] on,’ I mean to say they almost always believe some looks are only for attention or to convey a specific personality trait. Which is as ridiculous as believing someone only wears fancy branded clothes to be seen.”

“I used to be that person! Then I grew up and realized how obnoxious it was to just have an opinion about anything I didn’t enjoy that other people did, and it feels amaaaaazinnggg. I think people need to realize how cyclical that kind of attitude is. People who are super critical of other people are often paranoid about what people think of them, and it just goes round and round,” one user confirmed. 

3. Calling Themselves Alpha

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One user commented, “Calling themselves ‘alpha’. It just makes them just seem insecure imo.”

Another user added, “It’s like telling people you’re rich. If you have to tell people…you aren’t.”

One Redditor replied, “If you have to tell people you’re alpha, you’re not alpha.” 

“If those kids could read, they’d be pretty upset by that statement,” another user exclaimed. 

4. Modifying Your Car for Noise

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One user posted, “Modifying your car to make it obnoxiously loud.”

Another user replied, “Add to this, all the guys that peel out in parking lots because they think their car is so cool and everyone is impressed. No… we just think you are an attention seeking dbag making annoying noises and making the air smell like burnt tires.”

Another user responded, “To be fair, the primary goal of modifying the exhaust is usually to add power. Added noise is a secondary consequence. That said, I agree that some people take it way too far. ”

5. Designer Things Covered in Logos

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One user shared, “To me it’s designer stuff that just has some brand’s logo or name all over it. Why be a walking billboard for a company that isn’t even paying you? It’s weird. Being overly flashy is a big yuck to me.”

Another user added, “Same reasons kids today sh*t on Android users for not having an iPhone. It’s not about having a quality product, it’s about showing people that you have more money than them.”

One user replied, “iPhones and Androids are the same price? Flagship Android phones are actually more expensive, and iPhone budget options reach all the way down to $430 brand new. I know there are cheaper Androids far below that, but this statement is just stereotypical ‘Apples are bad and expensive.’ There’s nothing wrong with either phone, it’s great that people have options. The iPhone is not a status symbol, it’s a preference, and anyone who thinks otherwise has some insecurities they’re projecting onto others. Time to get over it.”

6. Education as a Status Symbol

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One user commented, “People who look down on education.”

Another user shared, “Also educated people who look down on those who didn’t go to college or university. You’re not a more valuable human being just because you have a degree. [Jerks] are found at every level of education, and it works both ways.”

“It doesn’t matter if every human being on this planet has a PhD, somewhere there’s still gonna be a pile of sh*t that needs shoveling,” one Redditor responded.

One commenter added, “Exactly. It is simply not viable for everyone to be a business manager, doctor or lawyer. Society NEEDS truck drivers, construction workers, plumbers and cleaners too. Edit: And since this is the case, it’s only natural and fair that we pay those people enough to live a dignified life befitting a human being.”

7. Calling Yourself a Bad Girl

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One Redditor posted, “Girls who call themselves certified bad b*tches.”

Another user added, “‘Queens.’ So ghetto and trashy.”

One user laughed, “Queens with no job, no skills and no responsibilities lol.”

Another user shared, “Women who try to be a ‘bro’ to fit in. I cringed at whatever her name was in ‘Love is Blind’ when she was like, ‘I’m one of the bros’…”

8. Revving at Red Lights

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One user commented, “Idiots who stop at red lights and constantly rev their engines like they’re about to participate in a drag race.”

Another Redditor replied, “It must feel amazing to win a race no one else is participating in.”

One user shared, “That was me when I was young, but not for the usual reason. I had just earned my license and my friend gave me his rusted out [car] as a ‘gift.’ The problem was it needed a valve adjustment and I couldn’t afford to take it to the shop, nor did I know how to adjust it myself. The problem is it would stall at idle, so anytime I’d come to the lights, I’d put the car in neutral (it was a manual) and gently rev the engine until the lights turned green.

“I felt obnoxious doing it, it probably looked even more embarrassing to everyone else. It was particularly awkward when a cop would pull up beside me at the lights, and we’d make eye contact while gently [revving] the engine. I’m surprised I never got pulled over for it.”

9. Bragging about Intimate Encounters

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One Redditor posted, “Bragging about how much s-x they’re supposedly having. It’s a clear sign of someone who peaked in high school.”

Another user shared, “That’s my dad perfectly described.”

“My uncle is almost 300lbs and married a woman he knew for 2 weeks and brags about their [intimate] life. It’s just gross man,” one user added. 

“Back in high school my friends would do this. I was single at the time and I would tell them how shitty it felt that everyone around me was doing it but me. Then they kept bragging about it. That’s when I realized these guys weren’t really my friends,” one commenter shared. 

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Source: Reddit.

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