In the Shadows: 10 Low-Key Conspiracy Theories That Capture Imaginations

Conspiracy theories are often seen as the subject of jokes, but it turns out that many people have a sneaking suspicion there’s something more going on behind the scenes. From government cover ups about aliens to hidden messages in TV shows and movies, get ready to take a deep dive into some of the biggest conspiracy theories people believe in! Are they just wacky claims meant for amusement, or is there actually something to them?

1. Governments Sow Division on Purpose

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One Redditor shared, “I 100% believe that governments (especially the US) work towards more and more division amongst the people, be it left vs right, black vs white, gay vs straight etc.. because a society that’s divided and too busy fighting each other can’t unite and fight against the real tyrants.”

Another replied, “I think it’s their wealthy and corporate backers who are essentially doing this. The ultra wealthy have a lot of incentive to keep people fighting a culture war with each other instead of a class war against them. Those who are bought and paid for in the government (US at least) are really just pawns in the scheme, a means towards that end.”

One commenter added, “This is not a conspiracy, it’s the reality.” 

Another user said, “Conspiracy doesn’t mean ‘not real.’ A conspiracy theory is the allegation of a conspiracy that has not been proven. The Tuskegee experiments were a conspiracy theory until they were proven, they are now recognized as a conspiracy to harm people by the government.”

2. 4Ocean: A Sophisticated Smuggling Ring

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One user commented, “I believe that 4Ocean, that company that sells the $20 bracelets and picks up 1lb of ocean trash per bracelet is (allegedly) a sophisticated drug smuggling ring. Who’s gonna investigate a company trying to clean up the ocean, huh? They have multiple boats that go out to sea and return full of ‘trash’ every day, whats under the trash, huh?

“They are purchasing a huge ocean going ship to ‘pick up’ even more trash. This is a tremendous amount of money, ships like that are crewed and fueled for 25 grand a day minimum, not to mention that cost of building your own custom 110ft ship, how many $20 bracelets is that a day? They transport the trash in enclosed box trucks from the boats for ‘processing’ at private and walled off ‘4Ocean recycling’ centers instead of using municipal dumpsters… The amount of money they throw around is nuts…

“They pass [the bracelets] out by the thousands at conservation events, I cant find a single person that has actually paid for one. I think they spoof cash sales of these bracelets to launder the money from importing drugs… I think I have like five Blue 4Ocean Mesh bags I’ve gotten for free at beach cleanups which if you look at their website are like $29.99, they give out hundreds at these events.

“The founders/owners moved to Bali full time, just to be as far away as possible when shit hits the fan. Indonesia does not have an extradition agreement with the US. Since the pandemic they have set up whole land based operations in Guatemala and Haiti employing hundreds of locals…

Edit: I am IRL friends with a few 4Ocean employees who also think this conspiracy theory is hilarious, I fully support their mission.”

A second user replied, “Thank you for laying out my future business plan. Do you think they pick up drops in the ocean or are they meeting the other boats and unloading?” 

The OP answered, “I think they (allegedly) pick up drops disguised as floating trash. I should also mention that they have five or six smaller boats that head out each day. Of these only one captain really needs to be ‘in on it’ while the others can be 100% blissfully saving the ocean.” 

One user commented, “You’re probably right, and this is probably true considering cartels do have legitimate businesses (think vacation resorts, things of that nature) and also tend to help out villages and make out the govt. to be the bad guys when they’re helping out.”

3. US Government Is Hiding Something

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A user commented, “Not so much a conspiracy but I’m 99% sure that the US government knows exactly who killed JFK and have way more information on it that they’re letting on.”

One user replied, “Went down this rabbit hole years ago and still have my doubts about the Warren Commission finding. I lean toward the theory that Carlos Marcello, once a Mafia Don in New Orleans, was involved possibly along with Jimmy Hoffa because they were both being investigated by Robert Kennedy. Allegedly, Marcello was quoted as saying that ‘if you want to kill a dog you cut off its head not its tail.'”

Another user added, “People forget just how big of a few the mafia [were] back in the day. They controlled so much… throughout the country from the early 1900’s through the 90’s… then they kinda just disappeared. Are they gone? Or are they just low key now?”

Another Redditor answered, “My conspiracy theory is the mafia became politicians and now they commit crimes legally. Hence why we never hear about them.”

4. Marilyn Monroe Didn’t Die Naturally

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A user shared, “Marilyn Monroe was murdered.”

Another user replied,”I believe this one too. There are a lot of weird coincidences on this one.”

One user asked, “I am oddly ignorant of this one. More deets?”

One user answered, “She had some relations with the president at the time and the popular theory is that she ended up finding out too much and she was killed as a witness, so to speak.”

5. Cryptocurrency Is an investing Scheme

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One Redditor posted, “I firmly believe that a lot of the advertising and other tools for increasingly public visibility of cryptocurrency (in particular of bitcoin) were an orchestrated attempt by a relatively small number of people with massive holdings to draw in enough people that did not understand what they were ‘investing’ in to increase the available liquidity enough to facilitate the closing out of their positions without crashing the market as quickly or severely.”

Another user replied, “I believe most crypto exists as a pump and dump scheme tbh.”

One commenter added, “Every time anyone makes any money with crypto, it’s because other people are losing that money. It’s not like you’re investing in a business that’s actually producing anything of value, it’s just currency speculation and even then real currencies are tied to national economies. I get why the whales invest in crypto because they can manipulate the market but the regular people are literally only there to get fleeced.”

6. Covid Was Probably a Lab Leak

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A user shared, “That Covid probably was a lab leak.The Bat/Pangolin/Human thing just seems a bit off somehow.”

Another user replied, “I’ll go for a lab leak, but not genetically tinkered with.”

One user also added, “Yeah, when I found out China kicked France out of the lab, and heard about the French intelligence report on the lack of safety protocols, lab workers getting mysterious illness, the it going global, starting a mile from the lab..I’m not buying the bat soup idea.”

Another user responded, “There are a lot more possibilities than just ‘completely natural’ and ‘completely man-made.’ Did the spread start from a lab? If so, was it spread by accident or intentionally? Was it created in the lab? If it was in a lab at all, why? To find a cure? Weaponize? Merely study? My guess is it was in a lab at one point being studied, after it had been detected in some people, but by then the spread had already started.”

7. No Pockets for Women Is a Marketing Ploy

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One Redditor user commented, “They make sh*t pockets, or no pockets at all, for women’s clothes in order to get them to buy bags and purses.”

Another commenter replied, “Fortunately this seems to be changing a bit, especially if you know where to buy. Eddie Bauer jeans always seem to have pretty big pockets, for example.”

One user also replied, “I accidentally put on my husband’s pants. Holy sh*t were the pockets deep! You could fit swimming pools on them compared to my dinky pockets!”

8. Real Reason Behind Military

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One user shared, “The real reason we in the US don’t have free college education, free healthcare and the reason they want to limit access to abortions is because no one would join the military if we had them. Do you want an education? You want to be able to see a doctor? Knocked up your girlfriend and have no job prospects? Join the military.”

Another user replied, “Wait but you have a point. I can’t disagree with you.”

9. The Richest 0.01% of Humanity Is Organized

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A Redditor posted, “The richest 0.01% of humanity is organized, with the ultimate goal of digging a socio-economic moat around themselves. They eventually want a species divergence, à la The Time Machine.”

One user disagreed and answered, “They don’t need to be organized for this. They are just doing what they’ve always done, which is looking out for themselves and themselves only.”

10. Government UFO Cover-Up

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One Redditor shared, “Government UFO cover up. I am no ‘little green men’ nut, but there is some weird shit flying around in our atmosphere and under water and somebody knows more than we do. Either the government has invented technology leaps and bounds beyond what we thought possible, or we have visitors. Aliens? Future People? Interdimensional beings? No idea, but something is out there.”

Another user replied, “Haven’t they recently (within the past few years) declassified a bunch of reports that pretty much amount to ‘we have credible evidence that people saw some weird shit in the sky and we have no idea what it was’? Things that appear to fly around in ways that defy physics, but with no explanation of what they actually are or where they came from or went.” 

Do you agree with the conspiracy theories listed here? Which one would you want to recommend the most to your friends and families? Let us know in the comments.

Source: this Reddit thread.

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